Why The Antipsychiatry Movement is Necessary


Why the antipsychiatry movement is necessary. Something to state very clearly at the start here: I am not antipsychiatry; never have been, never will be.

Why The Antipsychiatry Movement is Necessary
Is There a Need For an Antipsychiatry Movement?

But I am very much against the abuse of mentally ill persons with brain damaging medications (long-term use that is counter-productive) and focus on profit-making (why they still try to shove the ‘lifetime of meds’ approach on the public who knows no better) by those in positions of power such as psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health ‘advocates’.

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In my new bipolar blogging adventure, and in doing a lot of catch-up to what has been going on for the past 15 years or so (was living out of the country much of that time)… I’ve been checking out what’s being published online by other bloggers, mental health websites, etc.

The whole ‘bipolar spectrum’ thing is pretty new to me, but I will be speaking out against it… a lot. And for good reason. Please stay tuned and hear me out.

So… I’ve connected, in small ways, some already ended as I cannot support much of the abuse of the diagnosis going on i.e. folks saying – as they’ve been told – they are bipolar who are definitely not and the unecessary (abusive as well in many cases) treatment focus of long-term use of brain damaging psychotropic medications.

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Let’s get clear about Big Pharma here too. I want to as well and will be writing about some on that cool topic.

And let’s also be clear – many need medications at times, some may feel they have to take it regularily and for life (though in most cases you don’t want to know the reality of that scenario, and how sick and disabling these meds are). That is fine.

I DO NOT support – or am recommending on this blog- that anyone stop taking their meds without medical supervision. I want to write about that too, what professionals recommend if someone does want to try new forms of treatment and either lower doses of meds or to taper off.

Note: I’m not talking out my arse here. I am BP-1, have been since the age of 19 and had to take myself off of mega-doses of lithium after being in treatment for a year – when I was age 23 or so (close to that, it’s been a while). I ended psychiatric care and took myself off of lithium slowly – by myself, no help, no ‘antipsychiatry movement’ folks helping me or telling me to, etc.

But that’s me – may not be what is best for you and there is MUCH more information out there now – and help by medical professionals – to do this if you do want to. Will be writing about that too, and giving any resources (credible medical ones) I can find.

Why We Need an Antipsychiatry Movement

I think the simplest answer is simply as psychiatrists are not going to do it themselves, minus a few conscientious-objector types. Supposedly these folks have been declared sane, gone through a ton of education and are capable of providing medical care to those who are sick with mental illness. Go psych docs. Some of you rock.

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And they are not going to shoot themselves in the foot, or risk their professional careers or cushy salaries by speaking out against abuses in psychiatry.

Too Big of a Fight

Psychiatrist’s are very capable as a profession of pulling their collective heads out of their collective arse all by themselves… and don’t need me to help.

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But I can help others like me – regular folks without a medical degree and years spent treating the mentally ill – understand better what ‘antipsychiatry’ is all about and why the antipsychiatry movement is necessary.

Why The Antipsychiatry Movement is Necessary

It’s a public and professional check system (the old ‘checks and balances’ thing) to prevent misuse and abuse of psychiatric power. Simples. If you think psychiatry is perfect, does no wrong and never has done any wrong – then you shouldn’t be bothered by it or concerned with it.



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