What is the Chemical Imbalance Theory?


What is the Chemical Imbalance Theory? I want to understand the infamous “Chemical Imbalance Theory” of mental illness better. And if you clicked on this post I bet you do too.

He Did Real Science Like the Periodic Table and Stuff.
He Did Real Science Like the Periodic Table and Stuff.

I specifically want to highlight the research by medical professionals who have clearly debunked it – in layman’s terms so no one reading this blog is ever manipulated by the fantasy of it again.

I am not saying no one should ever take medications for a mental illness, etc. But that no one should ever think taking a prescribed psychotropic med is treating – oops, I mean CORRECTING – an identifiable imbalance in their brain. It’s not.

Even normal folks brains are going to be ‘imbalanced’ at times… let’s think more clearly about it. And treating illnesses with things that are not fully proven scientifically but have empirically found to be helpful or to lessen pathological symptoms is nothing new.

Why Is the Chemical Imbalance Theory Bunk?

Your brain (and all the things that make up its functioning) may be imbalanced… but there most likely (being sarcastic) are no lab tests as scientific proof showing you are ‘lacking in serotonin or that your levels are low’, ‘Prozac-deficient’, ‘lithium-deficient, ‘low on dopamine or norepinephrine’, etc.

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That is what ‘debunking the myth of the Chemical Imbalance Theory’ means, from my understanding. Debunking as in showing that the theory is false yet was (and still is from what I’m learning interacting in bipolar groups) being promoted as scientifically proven.

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Therefore you are really being given a medicine that is correcting something wrong with your brain and that will help to fix it. The proposition that taking lithium for bipolar disorder, as an example, is the same thing as taking insulin for diabetes.

Taking Insulin for Diabetes is Not The Same as Taking Lithium for Bipolar Disorder. Click To Tweet

Unfortunately this is a lie. And again, I am not saying meds may not be of use for some people – lithium helps many who have severe mood swings – but that if you are told there is credible science proving it is treating an identifiable medical problem… you are being lied to.

When you went to your psychiatrist did they have you get blood labs to show you are lithium-deficient? Of course not. Do you think endrocinologists meet with a patient, listen to ‘blood sugar symptoms’ they may be having and then give the patient a prescription for insulin to go fill at the nearest pharmacy?

Then follow-up with the patient i.e. see how their medical treatment is doing (helping or worsening) their supposed diabetes by another chat session and see how the person’s reported blood sugar issues are doing now?

Then take a bunch of this empirical evidence and claim that ‘insulin treats an imbalance in the body’ and is therefore now scientifically proven as a treatment for diabetes? No. See my point? Do you understand now the comparison (or lack thereof) which is often used to get a patient to be compliant with psychiatric drug treatments?

What is the Chemical Imbalance Theory?

So what is the theory, how did it come to be and what do medical professionals say about it (who do the grueling behind-the-scenes work, not just write about it on a blog).

Is it valid? Bunk? Been discredited? An intentional scientific lie and cover-up with the primary intent of profitting from ‘chemical imbalance fixing’ (what psychiatrists will tell you that prescription of Prozac, Lithium, Ritalin for your kid, etc. is doing)

The below is quoted from the article: “Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression – Still Promoted but Still Unfounded”:

“A long overdue debate is raging about the chemical imbalance theory of depression. Having been deluged with this idea for two decades now, the general public has come to believe that it is a scientifically proven fact.”

“An LBC radio presenter recently announced that he had suffered from depression and he knew it was a chemical imbalance. ‘All the goodness is flushed out of the brain [and you have to] top it up now and again; that’s why you need medicine,’ is how he expressed it.”

“Pharmaceutical industry propaganda has led the way in advocating this view, but the medical profession continues to endorse it too.”

“On 18th March 2014, viewers of This Morning, a national UK television programme were advised by the programme’s resident General Practitioner, Dr Chris Steele, that depression consists of a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by depletion of serotonin.”

Source: The blog of British psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff

Who to Believe and What to Believe?

An excellent write-up similar to what I am doing here but more detailed and by a psychologist who uses quotes from various professional sources is this article on the Mad in America website by Philip Hickey, PhD.: The Spurious Chemical Imbalance Theory is Still Alive and Well.

Read that to get a more detailed critique of the theory and how psychiatrists have been using it to manipulate patients and the public i.e. saying they don’t really believe it, then stating it as scientific fact, etc.

There are a TON more articles on the subject – and books – so if you are not convinced from reading this post and many other articles on the Web, do some more research.

I think my value is in understanding the rock and a hard place the PATIENT is in – not the cushy, plush seat the psychiatrist holds in the patient-therapist relationship.

And Manic Depression is not fake, phony, someone wanting attention, someone recovering from addiction or sexual abuse… it is a very real physical illness.

A physical illness that has primary symptoms identified (presently) as mental. So how else would you understand it from a medical standpoint than something going on with the functioning of the brain and those things in the brain that effect mood i.e. contribute to the highs and lows of the illness.

Your Brain Chemicals May Be Affecting Mood But Doctors Do Not Know Why or How

That all makes sense. As someone with Bipolar 1 Disorder who has lived with it for 30 years I do believe I do have a form of chemical imbalance at times (I am pretty normal most of the time, now that I am past the worst of my early years of bipolar hell)

But I do not – and never have – bought the phony pony and cart pharmaceutical circus explanation that the source of my illness states are an identifiable lack of this or that and that a medication will cure me. But I also knew that was the only option for treatment available to me at the time.

I kind of had to buy into it, and wanted to believe it was true (or would prove to be somehow true and I would be helped by the recommended treatment) even though logically it didn’t sit right with me. But I wasn’t a psychiatrist… I was the patient.

I wanted to believe what I was told and knew I needed to take medications when younger and was very compliant with psychiatric treatment. Did I get well? No. I got sicker in general (large doses of lithium for a year, lack of response or dangerous side effects from other meds) and had to take myself off the lithium without any medical supervision.

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Note: An exception to the above is when had to be hospitalized for out of control mania or severe depression (usually a mix) – then the meds worked miracles and I did not become institutionalized or relegated to the back ward of some looney bin. I came out of the psychosis or alterered state quickly, and was released soon after.

Psychotropic Medications Help Some People So the Chemical Imbalance Theory Must be True

Even if the mental health professional – psychologists and mental health advocates also play this game – thinks it is in the patients best interest to say things they know are not true like that the Chemical Imbalance Theory is valid and scientifically proven… it is still a lie.

And to use this lie to keep folks on medications that are not medically proven to be a treatment for their symptoms and are proven to cause serious side effects is unethical at the very least.

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I want bipolar disorder (i.e. Manic Depression) to be better understood from a biological standpoint, and for others to have better care by psychiatrists and doctors for mood disorders than I was given when I became ill.

Or at least more options other than just brain damaging psychotropic medications.

Peace. Molly

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  1. Menka said:

    If there is some sort of imbalance in one’s mood it is possible for it to level out on it’s own…just like our circadian rhythms. This theory (taken as law) makes people think that they are just unfortunately imbalanced and that is it for them. Many of the psych medicines cause side effects that look like more or worsening symptoms of the originally diagnosed mental disorder. So they will never be “cured” or return to health from these man-made disorders. Especially not through psych drugs. Often times they just cause more suffering. But let’s be honest…nothing can be cured in life without getting to the root cause.

    March 31, 2017
    • Molly said:

      Exactly – exactly, exactly, exactly. Seriously… if only more folks understood this. It would put those forces that be (Big Pharma and puppet doctors) that are creating this massive influx of ‘iatrogenic bipolar disorder’ (BP-2, cyclothymic, etc.) out of business.

      And we would have better diagnosing, understanding and treatments (that actually treat an underlying cause, not just suppress symptoms and create more distressing effects) of mood disorders.

      Much of what is labeled ‘bipolar’ in teens and adults these days is primarily caused by the side effects of antidepressants. When it applys to children it is simply tragic.

      Thousands of children have died from psychotropic medications that the FDA then omitted from its official tallies. Think about that – if you want to get a better understanding of how these things ‘work’ in our current corporate-profit driven health care system.

      More info here: PAPA – Amazing Parents Fighting for All of Our Kids.

      March 31, 2017
  2. Waltstawicki said:

    We don’t cure diabetes with insulin, nor cancer with chemo. We don’t cure osteoporosis with boneva, nor siclecell with warfarin. We MANAGE the symptoms. allopathy at its most typical! Psychiatry is the same except it got burdened with mind and all the psychology trapping Freud took on to cover-up his clients ….. Another story. We need bipolar and schizo and all these under neurology where it belongs!!!

    Yes, isn’t it a pity they have to lie to get compliance.

    Now that mechanics has been scratched by Schroedinger’s cat and psychiatry is at its religious/philosophical dead end…now that allopathy has hit the wall of one disease one cause, one chemical one gene, one magic bullet coming never…perhaps we will start looking from a new, yet more ancient, perspective…..or we can keep suffering and wondering.

    Bipolar involves dozens to hundreds of genes as do autism, schizophrenia and major depression. We just got a list of genes, we know a few of the proteins they make, given certain conditions not unknown other conditions…but as for putting it together? Banned in the woods.

    December 28, 2016
    • Molly said:

      Quoted: “We don’t cure diabetes with insulin, nor cancer with chemo. We don’t cure osteoporosis with boneva, nor siclecell with warfarin. We MANAGE the symptoms. allopathy at its most typical! ”


      And so many don’t get that basic point. Then are misled into a psych med nightmare that can last months, years or a lifetime. Or worse – adverse reactions leading to behaviour causing harm to themselves or others.

      I don’t know about the ‘bipolar involves dozens to hundreds of genes’ part. That’s really just more guessing game confusing lingo that supports Big Pharma agendas. Not sure where you came up with that.

      What I think more of the issue is, is lack of understanding of basic biology. Because much of current ‘science’ and research is paid for propaganda. Sure, they get some verifiable results at times but what is reported is that which supports the agenda of the backers of the research. When studies prove adverse effects from psych meds, for example, it gets taken out of published results.

      Not exactly scientific, or ethical. And it’s been going on for decades.

      And the ‘genes’ focus is not really the direction that should be being taken. It’s not about the ‘genes’ – it’s about the expression of your genetic makeup and how and why it came to be.

      If that can even be identified. The ‘dozen to hundreds’ of things that are involved in someone who experiences an illness (mental, physical or combination) are those things that are playing a part in its creation. The things that are affecting your biological-genetic makeup.

      There may be one central gene to Manic Depression (the word ‘bipolar’ is extememly subjective and does not refer to a specific illness) – as it is proven to have an inheritable quality. But even then, the majority of those who have the ‘gene’ do not ever become ill.

      December 29, 2016
    • Harun said:

      “perhaps we will start looking from a new, yet more ancient, perspective”
      What do you mean ancient? In my mania (a year and a half has passed by) I was very interested in ancient civilizations and had a hunch that they had some technology that was different to today’s western civilization but maybe advanced in some ways. Your comment really piqued my interest. I would hope to see you expand your comment.

      March 21, 2017

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