Welcome to the New Bipolar 1 Survivor Blog!


Welcome to the new Bipolar 1 Survivor blog!

I was not planning on becoming a ‘bipolar illness blogger’. I wanted to maybe do some guests posts on other blogs, try to get a gig writing for some major website about bipolar and get some marketing juice for my book in the process.

 Having Access to and Understanding of Alternative Treatments for Mental Illness, Including Eduation about the Risks and Potential Harm Psychotropic Medications Can Cause is a  Human Right.
Having Access to and Understanding of Alternative Treatments for Mental Illness, Including Eduation about the Risks and Potential Harm Psychotropic Medications Can Cause is a Human Right.

But that didn’t work out. And as I started to get more in tune with the information about bipolar that was out on the Web and being promoted by major sites and bipolar organizations such as the International Bipolar Foundation I balked a bit.

The information being promoted was primarily Big Pharma propaganda – without opposing voices or legit scientific information. And these blogs and groups seemed to be promoting the illness, wanting more people diagnosed bipolar. Not going to be a part of that, I thought. And also “that’s pretty sick what is going on”.

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So here I am. The opposing voice I didn’t see – and someone willing to dig deeper and provide information of value even if it isn’t commonly accepted by the status quo. Not yet at least.

Lives Are at Stake

Why speak out and not just be a part of the status quo? Why not tow the party line, get invited to the online parties and become buddies with the powers that be so that I am more accepted and maybe then get writing gigs promoting the same BS?

Lives are at stake. The health of innocent children and vulnerable elderly is at stake. And the future of medical research and treatment options for this very poorly understood genetically-based illness – Manic Depression now called Bipolar 1 Disorder – is at stake.

I want my son, future grandchildren and all of us who come from the lineage that has given some form of biochemical vulnerability in the gene pool we arose out of that can then come into expression during our life as a very serious and often debilitating mental illness to have better treatment options.

Actual treatment that has a sound scientific base – not ‘paid for science propaganda’ that then becomes accepted by the mainstream – and promoted by unethical physicians – as scientific fact. Like what happened with the Chemical Imbalance Theory.

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I want this illness to be better understood from an actual biological standpoint. Not second-guessed about after drug patents are given and synthetic medications produced that then need to be marketed and sold… and information about the damage they are capable of inflicting on those who take them swept under the rug. When there’s lots of money to be made, it seems the medical community in general really can’t be trusted.

We not only need more opposing voices against the status quo in the bipolar community we need more ethical physicians such as these amazing Ninja Docs who are willing to speak out.

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And we need actual bipolar disorder – now called Bipolar 1 Disorder – to not get lost in the sea of overdiagnosing, misdiagnosing and thowing everything that affects moods into the current ‘include everything, even the kitchen sink’ current over-broad Bipolar Spectrum nonsense.

Everyone is Welcome and All Views are Accepted.

But let’s speak clearly. Honestly and with the intent of moving forward towards better understanding of and treatment options for all mood disorders.

I hope you will join me in this fight. We need more alternate voices.




  1. Molly said:

    Maria – you don’t sould like a lunatic above at all, congrats on taking action on something you feel needs to be responded to.

    And just because you have BP, does not mean you cannot express anger. The above sounds appropriate, and you seeking feedback shows you are very conscientous – just go for it!

    If you are worried and want more feedback – happy to help. Molly

    June 18, 2016
  2. Maria said:

    I’m looking for a sight where I can receive feedback on a letter I’ve written to a county official regarding a controversial issue. I need perspective as to whether I sound like a concerned mom or a manic raving lunatic. Is this an appropriate site or can someone suggest a place on the net?

    June 18, 2016

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