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I don’t do much Twitter anymore because it triggers too much emotion for me (and I overreact at times, neither are healthy) but was on this morning to connect with someone and a tweet from came through from Monica Cassani aka “Outlier”.

Monica is Retired Now But Leaving The Award-Winning Beyond Meds Website Up

She is Retired But Leaving Up Her Amazing Website Beyond Meds

She wrote an explanatory goodbye “I’m Retired” post – you can read it on the homepage here: Beyond Meds.

Some of it made me sad, and angry – the parts about her being targeted at times, receiving hate emails, etc.

It sounds like a part of why she is discontinuing the site, and that is sad. I want to say more but am trying be less intense these days.

It’s an incredible resource, and she is a healing force. Thank you Monica for leaving it up online.

I Admire and Respect Her Incredibly

I admire and respect her incredibly – did I say that right? It makes the point! The best way I can describe my opinion of her is to say I think she is a “Healing Force.”

She shares so much information and has had some very extreme experiences with mental health – like many of us, myself included. For the past eight years she has been sharing her own experiences to help others.

Anyone who wants to understand what it is like to take psychotropic medications for years then go through the process of withdrawal should read some of her posts.

Not all will have similar experiences but many do. And all stories have value. They help describe how the drugs work, how disabling they can be and how difficult it can be to get off the meds.

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Healed From Bipolar and Speaks Out About How Damaging the Label Is

It is. I agree with Monica completely. A damaging label that leads to increased illness in almost everyone who gets a bipolar label – millions more since the new categories in 1994 and childhood bipolar label in 1980.

Here are Monica’s thoughts. Anyone who reads this blog knows this is exactly – for the most part – how I think and feel as well.

“Because of how I was drugged the “bipolar” diagnosis did me nothing but harm and it tragically results in similar iatrogenic injury for far too many others.”

“There are other ways to view whatever phenomena is getting labeled bipolar. Likewise there much safer ways of treating said phenomena.”

“Most importantly other frameworks can lead to profound healing, something psychiatry doesn’t even believe is possible. Indeed within the psychiatric model people are told to expect to manage being ill until they die.”

“Many of us have discovered this is simply not necessarily true. It’s possible to get well and it seems the psych drugs can seriously impede that process if used for long-term maintenance.”

“Also, it’s clear that the collection of phenomena that is labeled bipolar varies from individual to individual and they have many different etiologies. Labeling them as if they are all the same monolithic thing only serves to muddy the waters and often serves to trap the individual in a toxic prison of confusion.”

EXACTLY. She says it so well. Thank you Monica.

Some of Monica’s Posts

Here are just a few of the more than 5000 blog posts she has written and shared. I’ve watched a couple of her videos a year or so ago (when I first learned about her and her website) and they are very touching.

Much of her more recent work – from what I’ve learned today – has a very strong spiritual focus. I’m reading some of her new posts now and find them very healing, hopeful.

Just connecting with her site is a bit of a spiritual experience. She has helped so many. Leaving it up online means many more can read and learn and find some guidance for healing from severe mental illness states.

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Information & Resources

Mental Health and Diet: Nutrition and Gut Health

Rethinking Bipolar Disorder

Hearing Voices: Living and Thriving as Voice Hearers

Spiritual Emergency: One Way of Interpreting Activity of the Psyche That is Often Labeled Psychotic

The Shamanic-like Nature of Consciousness

Chronic Illness

… and this last link I am adding – is for me. Is what I have been working on. Anger issues.

I am going to go through and read each and every one of Monica’s posts! I’ve gotten over the overreacting for the most part (I at least avoid triggers), but there’s still a lot of intense, unhealthy emotion in my heart and soul.

The Anger and Rage Collection: What We Don’t Engage We Can’t Transform

Thank You Monica

Thank you beautiful soul for all your work, healing energy and light. May you have a wonderful next stage of your journey.


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