There Are No Abnormalities in a Mentally Ill Person’s Brain


There are no abnormalities in a mentally ill person’s brain. Brain scans have conclusively shown that there are no identifiable abnormalities in a mentally ill person’s brain. But psychiatry is still trying to prove this theory, and cover-up the reality that abnormal brain scans are often attributed to brain damage from toxic psychotropic medication.

There Are No Abnormalities in a Mentally Ill Person's Brain
MRI Brain Scans Have Never Proven Any Abnormality in a Mentally Ill Person’s Brain.

The only thing different from a mentally ill person’s brain and a ‘normal’ brain is what can be seen from damage from the toxic drugs that were administered.

Let’s not even think about brain damage from ECT (what they do when a person’s body can’t take anymore of the disabling drug treatments) – it is too sickening and makes me too upset.

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And this reality is why we all need to continue to fight misinformation about these medications, and fight for better treatment options and understanding of root causes of someone’s physical-mental suffering.

Did Researchers Really Find a Common Linkage of Brain Matter Loss in Mental Illness?

Psychiatrists have been trying to prove a link to identifiable brain pathology and symptoms of mental illness for a very long time. Now there is a study that claims to have done just that… but did it really?

The claim from a meta-analysis of 193 peer-reviewed papers by researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine is this:

“Gray matter loss in the three brain structures was similar across patients with different psychiatric conditions, the researchers found.”

The problem with their claim. and most likely a majority of the 193 papers used to make the claims they are making, is that the abnormalities seen in a mentally ill person’s brain are from psychotropic medications. As is the way with psychiatry and Big Pharma-agenda medical research, deception and misinformation rules the day.

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The researchers say that somehow they accounted for this connection. How? When most of the ‘mentally ill’ brain scans were from person’s who had been put on some type of psych med.

Quoted from the February, 2015 article:

“Further analysis showed that gray-matter shrinkage in the three implicated brain structures was independent of any medication effects or overlapping psychiatric conditions.”

Source: Different Mental Disorders Linked to Same Brain-Matter Loss.

I’d love to write them a letter (I would if I thought they’d have the balls to reply and reply truthfully) and ask them to explain to me – and any other concerned reader or person who wants better mental health care services in this country and around the world – how they showed the brain damage was “independent of any medication”.

That’s insane. It would be impossible. The below is more of the reality you need to know:

“Many studies of SSRIs show severe brain abnormalities, such as shrinkage (atrophy) with brain cell death in humans and the growth of new abnormal brain cells in animal and laboratory studies.”

And this:

“Benzos deteriorate memory and other mental capacities. Human studies demonstrate that they frequently lead to atrophy and dementia after longer-term exposure.”

And this:

“Antipsychotic drugs, including both older and newer ones, cause shrinkage (atrophy) of the brain in many human brain scan studies and in animal autopsy studies. The newer atypicals especially cause a well-documented metabolic syndrome including elevated blood sugar, diabetes, increased cholesterol, obesity and hypertension.”

“They also produce dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and unexplained sudden death, and they significantly reduce longevity.”

“In addition, they cause all the problems of the older drugs, such as Thorazine and Haldol, including tardive dyskinesia, a largely permanent and sometimes disabling and painful movement disorder caused by brain damage and biochemical disruptions.”

The above is taken from an article by Ninja Doc Peter Breggin, M.D., “Are All Psychiatric Drugs too Unsafe to Take?“. The full article is here.

If I’ve got your attention and am – hopefully – swaying you away from misinformation that comes from the Big Pharma controlled psychiatry propaganda machine such as seen in the above Stanford research study results, check out Dr. Breggin’s website and list of books he has written on the subject. List of Books .

Mad in America is another excellent resource with many health professionals speaking out on many issues related to mental health care and psychiatry: Mad in America – A Community for Remaking Mental Health.

Antipsychotic Drugs Proven to Cause Brain Shrinkage

The researcher was so ‘shocked’ (so the story goes… but maybe the reality is she was concerned for her personal saftey and to not lose her job? Needed to save some cash before she got kicked out of the Big Pharma-controlled club?) she waited two years to share the results.

“Antipsychotic drugs cause brain shrinkage. This is the conclusion of yet another study, considered the largest longitudinal brain-scan data set ever compiled, documenting the adverse effects of antipsychotic drugs on brain tissue.”

“According to the study’s author, University of Iowa professor, Nancy Andreasen, Ph.D., “the higher the antipsychotic medication doses, the greater the loss of brain tissue.”

The full article is here. It is written by Kelly Patricia O’Meara – an incredible investigative journalist and writer who has covered these issues for decades.

She’s written a book: “Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill.” It is on Amazon here.

On my list!

No Biomarker Has Been Found for Mental Illness

According to Google a biomarker is: “a measurable substance in an organism whose presence is indicative of some phenomenon such as disease, infection, or environmental exposure.”

More explanation in this article: “What is a Biomarker“.

“In the most basic terms a biomarker is a biological measure. Cholesterol is a biomarker for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure is a biomarker for stroke. Biomarkers can be molecular or biochemical.”

“They can also be used in three ways to diagnose a disease (diagnostic), to forecast the aggressiveness of a disease (prognostic), or to help identify which patients will respond to a drug treatment (predictive).”

Source: article.

Another attempt to prove a physical basis for mental illness (or a specific illness such as schizophrenia or Manic Depression) that as of yet has proven none exists.

“There have been many astonishing advances in our understanding of neuroscience, of genetics and epigenetics, and of neurodevelopment, but there is not a single identifiable biomarker for any mental disorder.”

Source: Mental Disorders are Not Brain Disorders.

Time to Move Forward, Not Backwards

It’s time – ridiculously overdue – to move forward and stop the chemical imbalance lies, misrepresentation of scientific data and studies and continuation of trying to find something that will give physical proof to what is really a social construct i.e. a list of symptoms given an official name by psychiatrists that label a person mentally ill.

We need better understanding of what is creating the expression of illness – especially in the known severe illness that has a genetic predisposition Manic Depression.

That’s what I want. For my son, future grandchildren and anyone else who comes from this screwed-up genetic lineage.

I’d also love it if – won’t mention names – online bloggers and some ‘mental health advocates’ educate themselves better and stop writing completely innacurate and false information such as there is a “proven brain abnormality in a mentally ill person’s brain”.

There’s not. Cheers.


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