Test Yourself for Bipolar Disorder?


Test yourself for bipolar disorder? Can you test yourself for bipolar disorder? Many moons ago as a sweet, naive, young twenty-something I was walking in the University District in Seattle, WA. It’s the hip street and community next to the University of Washington college campus.

I worked in an office building on this street a couple times, once volunteering for an enviornmental organization then being hired as an intern at a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Test Yourself for Bipolar Disorder?

I saw the same sign that had been on the sidewalk in front of the same building for years advertising ‘Free Personality Testing’. In my teens I’d been gullible enough to walk up the wooden stairway and upstairs to see just how ‘this or that’ I was. I was curious. What’s a personality test? What questions do they ask?

Bipolar Disorder Test?

The test and the office inside the building was actually a front for the cult of Scientology to attract new members. I don’t remember the results but remember figuring what the scene was all about and seeing that same sign for years wondering how many folks they actually snare into their web that way. Thankfully I was not one of them.

But it is fun – for all of us non-psychologist types especially – to think you can answer a few questions on a piece of paper and get insight into the workings of your self or mind. Fun!

At healthyplace.com you can take a few tests to see if you may be bipolar. There is a ‘Mood Disorder Questoinnaire’, ‘Bipolar Mania Test’ and ‘Online Bipolar Test’.

Of course ridiculously simplified and not of interest to someone like me who understands how complex the actual medical condition Manic Depression actually is but may be of interest to others and fun for some.

I instead took the ‘Am I a Psychopath‘ test. The results, thankfully, were strongly in my favor (little to no psychopathic tendencies, definitely not a psycho). Next up…

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