Take a Probiotic Supplement To Help Your Bipolar Disorder


Take a probiotic supplement to help your bipolar disorder. Adding a quality probiotic supplement to your bipolar treatment regime will help you. How much it will affect your moods no one can say. But it is a medically-proven, inexpensive, non-toxic treatment for depression.

Take a Probiotic Supplement To Help Your Bipolar Disorder
Probiotics Can Help Lessen The Severity of Your Manic Depression

Tell me how many of those your psychiarist has prescribed? The majority of physicians write prescriptions for very toxic, harmful psychotropic medications.

And when they add more misery and body-mind imbalance… you just get another prescription. Maybe even a new psychiatric diagnosis; it’s ridiculous.

Do you like playing that game? Or would you rather try alternative medical approaches and try to become well? Or help your child, spouse or significant other heal?

How Probiotics Help Bipolar Disorder

Anything that is medically-proven to treat depression will help bipolar disorder. Many get a bipolar diagnosis after being put on an antidepressant that makes them worse. Antidepressants all have side effects and they are very harmful with longterm use.

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A Quality Probiotic Supplement Will Help You:

  • Manage your moods by lessening depressive symptoms without causing more health problems.
  • Feel better, have more ‘normal’ energy, if the antidepressant effect works for you.
  • Get more restful sleep at night, as you feel better during the day and are more active.

Again, we are talking about using a high quality product as adjunctive treatment i.e. in addition to what you are already doing to treat your illness.

We are not talking about yogurt in the morning or some other sugar-filled health food advertising probiotic effects. That will not work.

You can use yogurt to help digest the pill or powder, but on its own it will not give the antidepressant and healing effect we are looking for.

Make Sure Your Probiotic Supplement Has the Following

Crap products may have no effect whatesoever – the bacteria strains could be dead before you even ingest it.

A Quality Probiotic Supplement Can Help Lessen the Severity of Your Mood Swings. Click To Tweet

Make sure the product says is GMO-allergen-dairy-gluten-soy free. You are trying to calm your system, not cause it to react. A high quality supplement will not contain any of these.

Multiple strains are best. You can always try one product then the next month try a different one, to increase the variety of healthy strains in your gut. At the very least make sure the pills contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Side Effects You May Suffer That Are Good For You!

As your gut begins to heal it will eliminate old, crappy bacteria and organisms, while you are replacing those with the good bacteria contained in the supplement.

Be forwarned: it can be an unpleasant process.

Personally, I’ve had explosive diarrhea (during the day, not near a bathroom, you do not need more details), runny stools and a little cramping one time.

Called ‘die off’ reactions it is telling you that the good bacteria is in there doing there thing and the crappy stuff you want out now leaving your body. Eat bananas (for potassium loss with diarrhea), drink lots of water and take your supplement as directed (with food or without) in the evening.

A slight allergic reaction can occur, with some people getting skin rashes. If it is too much, continues for too many days just slow down the process. Take a half a pill every other day rather than one pill each day, etc.

And stick with it. You are doing your body and your bipolar mood states a huge favor and studies have shown a decrease of depressive symptoms in just one months time. An improvement in depression without any side effects or need for more awful psych meds.

Stay hopeful, stay positive and read this for inspiration: Take Probiotics to Treat Bipolar Illness?

Where To Buy Quality Probiotic Products Online

If you are like me, you don’t do a ton of shopping and like to buy a product online so you get it for half the price. I rarely walk into a vitamin store these days, though when younger and trying to get well it was one of my main pasttimes.

I shop on Amazon – lots of customer reviews – and Iherb.com. Iherb.com has special discounts all the time and free shipping for order over $20. They also have a large selection of products so I can get all my supplements in one place with one purchase.

Score. Probiotics are yet one more way to can start to heal your mood swings. Keep reading this blog and I will be sharing more.

To your good health, Molly



  1. Barb said:

    What supplement brand do you use?

    September 20, 2017
    • Molly said:

      Hi Barb, I’ve used a few different ones. Right now I have been taking this one – Hyperbiotics Pro 15

      You can purchase here: https://www.iherb.com/pr/Hyperbiotics-PRO-15-The-Perfect-Probiotic-5-Billion-CFU-60-Tablets/67300

      Next round (in a couple months when out of current one) I may try this one, or other… I just research before I buy to make sure I am taking the best one and like to rotate brands so get a good mix of strains.

      Healthy Origins – https://www.iherb.com/pr/Healthy-Origins-Probiotic-30-Billion-CFU-s-60-Vcaps/19518

      Or this one (NOW Foods is a reputable brand from what I know…) – https://www.iherb.com/pr/Now-Foods-Probiotic-10-25-Billion-100-Veggie-Caps/64505

      The research on probiotics, gut health, depression (so will help bipolar, severity of Manic Depression theoretically) is absolutely amazing. That keeps me taking it. I sometimes notice effects, other times don’t but know no matter what it is doing good things and worth the expense, etc. to stay consistent with.

      Hope it helps you! Don’t forget, the ‘die off’ reactions at start can be a bit much for some folks (side effects from the good organisms getting in there and helping fight the crap stuff in your stomach/intestine, etc.) so start slow if you need to. That will get better, is individual for everyone.

      best, Molly

      September 21, 2017

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