Health Benefits of Red Wine [Infographic]


Note: I’m posting this guest post though is a little off-topic as am a fan of red wine – has helped me with my moods, chronic pain (fibromyalgia from mugging) and just enjoying life. I do not take any psychotropic medication – and when I did take those drugs, the side effects made me worse. I get no adverse effects from drinking red wine in moderation.

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Science proves lots of things – that exercise improves lifespan, that eating more fruits and vegetables improves health… but red wine? Is red wine really better for you? Turns out the answer is a definite yes. Red wine, when moderately consumed, can prevent cancer and colds. It can control weight and cholesterol. It can improve longevity and sleep. And there are more benefits too.

As with many things, red wine varies in intensity from light (pinot noir) to full (shiraz). And those benefits are negated when the consumption is more than moderate. For women, that means just a drink a day, and for men it equals two glasses of red wine. Drink too much of it and you might find yourself lacking sleep, gaining weight, and having issues with both heart health and fertility.

Use this infographic to learn more about red wine and what it can do for you.

The Science-Backed Reasons Red Wine Makes us Superhuman
Science-Backed Reasons Red Wine Makes us Superhuman on Health


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