Psychiatrists Want to Add Anti-Fart Medicine to Your Drug Cocktail


News alert! Psychiatrists want to add anti-fart medicine to your bipolar disorder cocktail. Why not? They put everything else under the sun in there. Ignoring the risks to your health and lack of any scientific validity for the ‘multiple drugs’ form of treatment.

Psychiatrist Hyla Cass, M.D. Talks About Bipolar Patients, Drug Cocktails and Thyroid Illness - What Many of These Female Patient's Have.
Psychiatrist Hyla Cass, M.D. Talks About Bipolar Patients, Drug Cocktails and Thyroid Illness – What Many of These Female Patient’s Have.

The photo above of Dr. Hyla Cass is from a screenshot of the Thyroid Secret video series she was interviewed on. The title of the video is: Episode 2 – The Thyroid Misinformation and Misdiagnosis Machine. Click here to watch.

There is a lot of discussion about the connection between thyroid illness and psychiatric symptoms. Why I think you’ll like it. It is free to sign up and watch the videos.

Bipolar Disorder Drug Cocktail

In the video are many excellent presentations including one by Kelly Brogan, M.D. Dr. Cass talks about how many of her female patients have been diagnosed bipolar and are on a drug cocktail – a mix of 3, 4 or sometimes more psychotropic medications.

She knows they have been given a bipolar disorder diagnosis because the cocktail consists of: an antidepressant, an antipyschotic, a mood stabilizer and sometimes a stimulant medication. What the H?

Up your mood, chill you out, depress your system then try to kick it back up a bit, make you feel better…

Are these psychiatrists insane? It’s a valid question. I’d like to lock the ones who came up with this heinous ‘kill em off sooner while we become millionaires’ style of medical care in a psych ward.

Lock them up and force feed them these medications. For a week. Then take a survey – use the bipolar questionnaire they are so fond of using to diagnose – and see how they feel.

Then force feed this cocktail to these doctors (I say around 5 p.m. daily) for a few more weeks. See how they feel. Have they improved? Sorry, that just makes me giggle and this is serious stuff.

If they fart, we will just let that be. All treatments have unwanted side effects and we do not want to over-medicate. There could be legal repercussions.


Then see what these medical professionals think about ‘bipolar disorder drug cocktails’. See what they think about prescribing these medications to children.

Many Who Get a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Have Untreated Thyroid Disease

Anyone who has been diagnosed bipolar or with a loved one diagnosed will want to watch this part of the series (preferrably the whole nine episodes).

In the video you will learn up to 80% of bipolar disorder patients may actually be suffering from undiagnosed (and untreated properly) Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis .

No, psychiatric drug cocktails are not a treatment for thyroid illness. It will make a person sicker, of course. And that is exactly what is going on for a majority of sufferers.

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Why Do Physicians Give Drug Cocktails Containing Multiple Psychotropic Medications?

Just to clarify, if I wanted to order a cocktail (I rarely drink hard liquor… but just saying if I did) I’d order it from a bartender. Thank you very much.

There is no scientific validity for this form of treatment. None. They can do what they want – no disagreement there as that has what’s been going on for decades – but it does not mean it is right, justified or not harmful.

Multiple psychotropic medications are given to a bipolar disorder patient because:

1.   The psychiatrist or physician does not know what the heck is really wrong with you. Prescriptions are easy, figuring out root causes difficult and time consuming.

2.   They do not know in reality how many of these medications work. Case in point: They are still trying to figure out how lithium works (at the cellular level, not clinically).

3.   They are poorly trained and lazy. Paid for and bought by Big Pharma ‘a pill for every ill’ style of medicine.

4.   You’ve been labeled mentally ill, so it’s ok to drug you. You complain? You’ll get more drugs. You’re just mentally ill, not actually sick. No need to figure out why.

And we can wrap all of the above into the real reason you are getting an overload of toxic medications that will make you sicker; money.

Psychiatrists Do Not Know How These Medications Interact

The reality is the prescribing doctor has no real understanding of what they are doing to your body. And no direct understanding of how these medications interact with each other. They know very well the harm they cause.

Once I started to process what was going on with my treatment many years ago – that the only ones doing well were the ones prescribing the meds – while I just got worse and worse and my life more and more limited, I started to question it.

I came to a point where I realized I could either stay in treatment and keep playing what I realized was a guessing game, crapshoot style of treatment for my illness or seek out other ways to be well.

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I didn’t specifically have a problem with farting, but if I did, I’m sure a new medication would have been considered.

Anything to write more prescriptions, appease Big Pharma in lieu of professional reward and advancement (highly paid lead researcher for drug study, appointment as head of a medical school psychiatry department, job at the FDA etc.)

I’m So Disgusted at Bipolar Disorder Diagnosing and Treatments I Could Scream

And I should not be screaming without just cause – especially in public. I am someone who actually could be locked up… for real. Not the sarcastic ‘make a point’ scenario above.

It’s sickening what has gone on with the introduction of the 1994 Bipolar Spectrum i.e. depressed folks who react to antidepressants then get told they are bipolar. Then given more drugs such as the antipsychotic medications that needed to be marketed at that time.

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Children being diagnosed (post 1980) who do not have the illness. Have underlying health conditions, have been prescribed stimulant medications (ADHD drugs) and then have side effects, etc. or are suffering the effects of abuse (school or home environment).

It is sickening.

Bipolar disorder is a category of mood disorders, it is not synonymous with the classic illness Manic Depression.

But these slimy unethical and dishonest professionals have turned them into one and the same – a marketing tactic used to sell and distribute greater amounts of psychiatric medication.

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Psychiatry as a whole should be sickened as to what they’ve become and the scientific hokey pokey they use for treatments. Specifically the overall abuse of the medical condition Manic Depression.

Good luck with that, I know. I’ll just stay outraged for them and speak out.


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