Psychiatrists Paid a Million Dollars to Market Risperdal


Psychiatrists paid a million dollars to market risperdal. The official first payout number seems to be reported as $515,000 – that’s about half a million bucks, no? A little more than that I guess. But wait, there’s more.

Psychiatrists Paid a Million Dollars to Market Risperdal

The psychiatrists involved then formed a little private entity ‘Expert Knowledge Systems’ (psychiatrist drug-promoting shell corporation?) and were paid another half million bucks. Or close to that.

The second payout by Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. to the doctors to continue the Risperdal marketing campaign as a primary treatment for schizophrenia is reported as $427,659.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson corporation.

Psychiatrists for Hire

“The central theme of Dr. Caplan’s 2015 article is that in 1995, Allen Frances, MD, and two other psychiatrists (John Docherty and David Kahn) received grants of about $515,000 from Johnson & Johnson to write “Schizophrenia Practice Guidelines” which specifically promoted Risperdal (a Johnson & Johnson product) as the first line of treatment for schizophrenia.”

“The guidelines were called the “Tri-University Guidelines” in recognition of the fact that Dr. Frances worked at Duke, Dr. Docherty at Cornell; and Dr. Kahn at Columbia. Subsequently, the three psychiatrists formed Expert Knowledge Systems, and from that platform, actively assisted Johnson & Johnson in the implementation and marketing of the guidelines. For these latter services, J & J paid EKS a further $427,659.”

Source: Allen Frances’ Ties to Johnson & Johnson.

You can read more details about the creation of the ‘Schizophrenia Practice Guidelines‘ in this Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ) article: Documents Detail Psychiatrists’ Corrupt Practices.

Not shuckster psych docs in general it seems. And the three psychiatrists who were responsible for the the ‘false and deceptive’ marketing tactics for the antipsychotic medication Risperdal were not officially disciplined. Their names are:

1. Allen Frances, M.D. – Chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and of the department of psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC. and professor emeritus at Duke. (Source)

2. David Kahn, M.D. – Clinical Professor of Pyschiatry Emeritus, Columbia University Medical Center and attending psychiatrist at New York Presbyterian Hospital. (Source)

3. John Docherty M.D. – Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and Attending Psychiatrist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. (Source)

They are all considered ‘esteemed’ but for the purposes of this article we will look at them through a ‘don’t deserve to be wearing a white coat’ lens. I’m thankful I’ve never been a patient of any of them or subjected to care in a facility under their tutelage.

Allen Frances, David Kahn & John Docherty Paid Million Dollars to Deceptively Market Antipsychotic… Click To Tweet

Let’s jump to the end of the story where a little justice was metted out to Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. but not, unfortunately, the unethical physicians as well.

“On August 30, 2012, Texas Attorney General Abbott issued a press release to announce that Texas and 36 other states had together reached a settlement in which Janssen was to pay the states a total of $181 million because of its unlawful and deceptive marketing. Here there appears another mystery:”

“Interestingly, nowhere in either the filing or the press release did the names of Frances, Docherty, or Kahn appear, although their deceptive guidelines were the foundation for the enterprise, nor did they include the names of the other psychiatrists whom Janssen had hired to carry out the deceptive acts. Furthermore, they did not include information about harm done to the individuals who had been prescribed Risperdal.”

Allen Frances M.D. The World’s Most Powerful Psychiatrist

If the statement below is actually true and this shyster is that powerful… it’s not a hopeful sign for the future of psychiatry and for the treatment of those who end-up in their care. We can all hope maybe the ‘most powerful’ thing is a thing of the past? That he’s now been called out and lost some of his squeaky clean professional shine?

We can hope. Here is another quote from the blog of psychologist Philip Hickey who wrote about the issue so regular folks like me and you could learn about it.

“Allen Frances, arguably the world’s most powerful psychiatrist, spearheaded a massive, million-dollar project using psychiatric diagnosis to propel sales of a potent and dangerous drug by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J & J).”

“Frances began the initiative in 1995, but his involvement has been little known, despite a court document written in 2010 that revealed what its author [David Rothman, PhD], an ethics specialist, called serious deception and corruption in that project.”

Source: Allen Frances’ Ties to Johnson & Johnson

Thank you Dr. Hickey and I need to start a new page for Ninja Psychologists!

You can read the current list of Ninja Docs (aka psychiatrists) here: Psychiatrists Who Speak Out About Psychiatry.

Do you still believe there isn’t any corruption in psychiatry or need for any antipsychiatry movement?

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