Psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey Needs to Account For Patient Deaths


I first learned what an unethical and deceptive Big Pharma pawn medical professional psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey is when writing this post: Brief History of Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis – From Rare to Common.

Dr. Torrey deceptively claimed in his book about bipolar published in 2005 that the classifications in DSM-3 made the diagnosis ‘more restrictive’. A bold-faced lie.

E. Fuller Torrey Refused to Account For Patient Deaths from Antipsychotic Drug Trial

They added “Childhood Bipolar Disorder” at that time, supporting the drugging of hundreds of thousands new clients for Big Pharma.

The book by now deceased psychiatrist Scott Peck, M.D. “People of the Lie” would be an excellent book for Dr. Torrey to read.

He fits the profile very well.

Psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey Refused to Account for Patient Deaths

Danish physician and widely-respected medical researcher Peter C. Gøtzsche, M.D. wrote to Dr. Torrey for information about patient deaths in the Norwegian TIPS study that was partly funded by the Stanley Medical Research Institute where Dr. Torrey is associative director of research.

“The TIPS study in Norway reported on the 10-year outcomes of 281 first-episode psychotic patients.”

“In 2012, the researchers reported that 11% had died during this period.”

“The precise number of deaths seemed to vary in three articles published about the study, but the 2012 article listed 31 deaths, and since the researchers lost track of 79 of the 281 people before the ten years were up.”

“This meant that the death rate—among the cohort followed for 10 years—was actually 15% (31 out of 202). Given that the average age of the patients at study entry was 29 years, this was a very high death rate.”

Source: Mad In America.

Rather than respond to the request in a professional manner Dr. Torrey made a complaint to the organization that was co-founded by Dr. Gøtzsche – The Cochrane Collaboration.

He attacked Peter Gøtzsche like a big, whiny baby claiming that Dr. Gøtzsche was a “Protector for the Hearing Voices Network in Denmark.”

Talk about a nut job.

Even if Dr. Gøtzsche is sympathetic to those who experience hearing voices, that has nothing to do with his credibility as a medical researcher.

Or anything to do with the request for information he made to Dr. Torrey to account for the patient deaths.

Murder is Not OK Dr. Torrey – Even if They Are Psychiatric Patients

This is what Dr. Gøtzsche wrote to Dr. Torrey:

“We believe founders have an ethical obligation to ensure that information, which is of great importance for public health, and which has been collected in the funded study, gets published.”

“That would be a great service to psychiatry, the patients, and everyone else with an interest in this vitally important issue.”

“When young people who are receiving antipsychotics die, we need to know why they died in order to reduce the risk of death in the future.”

Source: Mad In America.

Need to KNOW WHY these young people who were drugged with antipsychotic meds died.

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Get it Torrey?

You need to account for these deaths, every person involved in the study needs to account for these deaths.

Murder is not ok Dr. Torrey. Even murder by psychotropic medications.

The Deep Dark Pit of His Soul

What is in the deep dark pit of Dr. Torrey and all other Big Pharma pawn physicians and medical researchers soul who support the use of falsified data, biased studies, and other deception that serves the agenda of mega corporations… who knows.

Who should care? I don’t.

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We ALL should care when astute, ethical medical professionals like Peter Gøtzsche, M.D., Peter Breggin, M.D. and many others who are dedicated to honesty and accuracy in medical research that affects those who experience mental illness are subject to targeting by the likes of Torrey.

Peter Gøtzsche Deserves an Apology from Dr. Torrey

Your pathetic ploy didn’t work Dr. Torrey, and you WILL be held accountable.

Every study you and The Stanley Medical Research Institute participate in should be under close scrutiny, as you have shown an obstinate disregard for the integrity of the profession you for whatever reason have been allowed to participate in.

It is sure not your intelligence or ability to perform ethical research or care and concern about the patient population subjected to your deliberate dishonesty and lack of professionalism.

Read “People of the Lie” Dr. Torrey.

It may help heal some of the deep, dark pit of your soul.

Best, Molly


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