Parents Against Pharmaceutical Abuse Fighting for All of Our Kids


Parents Against Pharmaceutical Abuse Fighting for All of Our Kids. I learned about this incredible organization PAPA when listening to one of our amazing Ninja Docs – top doc Peter Breggin, M.D. – interview Andrew Thibault who is a co-founder of PAPA.

Parents Against Pharmaceutical Abuse Fighting for All of Our Kids
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PAPA is an acronym for “Parents Against Pharmaceutical Abuse“. These dedicated folks are fighting for all of our children. Fighting to bring awareness about the abuse of psychotropic medications being prescribed to kids.

Awareness of the damage these medications cause – especially the worse damage of all: death.

If you listen to the interview (click image above) you will learn how Andrew used his skills as a data analyst to analyze millions of FDA records and found that thousands of children have died (or other tragic adverse effect such as committed homicde) after taking these medications.

FDA Has Hid Data On Thousands of Children Deaths From Psych Meds. Click To Tweet

He first was focusing on ADHD drugs (talks about an experience he had with his young son) but then expanded his investigation to include all psychotropic medication. Then found that THOUSANDS of deaths (suicides, homicides, sudden death from cardiac arrest) from the drugs have been ‘hidden’ by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Deaths of kids that were from psychotropic medications and reported, then omitted from statistics and data about the medications.

Not just a few – but THOUSANDS of child deaths. And no one held accountable, the drug companies exonerated by proxy by a corrupt FDA.

We Are Looking at Potentially Nineteen Thousand Deaths Gone Unreported

You have to listen to the video to get the full story and hear Dr. Breggin and Andrew talk numbers and how they are extrapolated from FDA records that Andrew obtained – some after having to sue the FDA for access under the Freedom of Information Act.

One number thrown out in their hour-long conversation was “potentially nineteen thousand deaths” gone unreported (via public record).

The FDA tried to claim it has a ‘privacy exemption’ so did not have to release all the information. Privacy? A federal regulatory agency in charge of public health and safety tries to claim it can intentionally hide information about medications that kill – have killed – American citizens (children and adults).

Children dead, Big Pharma profits not affected and corrupt FDA officials plan their heavily-padded retirement working for said corrupt companies after their FDA stint is over. Where’s the accountability, honesty, ethics, morality and concern about public safety in this little web of deceit?

Then Andrew talks about how many of the records he got after his successful lawsuit being almost completely redacted – meaning most of the information was blackened out and not readable.

Outraged Yet?

Are you outraged yet? Just glad your child or grandchild was not one of the thousands who have been murdered? Me too.

And so glad we have people like Andrew, all those who work at PAPA and the many physicians, psychologists, medical researchers, etc. who refuse to remain silent.

I won’t add ‘FDA officials’ in there. Or a majority of psychiatrists, pediatricians, etc. who prescribe these meds knowing full well the dangers. With folks who support the above in these positions of power, we all need to protect ourselves, our families and speak out when we can.

Please educate yourself. Listen to the video for a start into the world of drugging our children for profits, damn the cost.

Cheers. Molly


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