Thriving with Bipolar Disorder Interview Series


This new interview series of people with Bipolar Disorder who are living their lives and doing well is of course connected to the release of my new book: Bipolar 1 Disorder – How to Survive and Thrive… but it also isn’t.   List of Completed Interviews

Thriving with Bipolar Disorder Interview Series

It isn’t in the sense it is more of a desire to connect to the bipolar world and those living in it as it stands today, as opposed to a gimmicky ploy to market the book.

I want to hear others stories. And I bet other sufferers or someone recently diagnosed and struggling do too. My first inspiring interview – with Ann from Connecticut – is here.

Thriving with Bipolar Disorder Interview Series

I put my illness (BP-1, diagnosed at age 19) on the backburner of my life and public persona for many years. I was in ‘secret’ mode, afraid of what would happen when others found out I lived with the illness. I’m fairly social and open about my life when I do connect with someone, so it isn’t like I never talked about it, it was just rare that I did.

And when I did I often was rejected. It was almost automatic that the way I was perceived by the person who then knew of my history changed considerably. I dropped a bunch of notches down on the respect, admiration and envy pole and became someone to be a little wary of, maybe feel sorry for.

I hated that. Some of which may have been my own misperceptions and hidden insecurities but it was still the reality I lived; if I told someone I was Manic Depressive (most serious form of the illness, now called BP-1) I was usually rejected.

Thriving with Bipolar Disorder Interview Series

Not to mention the fact how hard it is to talk about, and that I did not want to remember bad times when was feeling better or re-live the experience of being hospitalized in a psych ward. Scary stuff. Especially for BP-1 folks like me who know that the illness can reappear at any time; it is a lifelong condition.

But life is life and there are many forms of suffering, evil, hardship in this world. Many other forms of mental illness too.

So the way I look at it… us bipolar warriors need to stick together, help each other and share things that help us live our lives.

That is what this interview series is all about. Hugs, Molly

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