Natural Thyroid Hormone Supplements Might Help Your Bipolar Disorder


Natural thyroid hormone supplements might help your bipolar disorder. It will not cure you of course, but it could help to lessen your severe mood states. How? By possibly treating an underlying cause of your depressive phases or chronic low moods.

Natural Thyroid Hormone Supplements Might Help Your Bipolar Disorder.
Over The Counter Natural Thyroid Hormone Supplement.

Anyone who has lived with this illness for any significant amount of time (a few years at minimum) understands the connections between depressive and manic episodes; they are inextricably linked. And treating one can cause a biological switch to the other.

When forced to receive care due to severe depression (often with suicidal ideation), medications that are given to try and relieve the painful mood state can trigger a manic episode.

So mood stabilizers are given that may keep you from getting high, but make many feel lethargic and depressed. It is a vicious cycle that can be very difficult to treat.

What if there were things you could do to lessen symptoms of depression, potentially treat an unidentified cause of your bipolar illness states and reduce the need for treatment and long-term use of psychotropic medication?

Sign you up? Read on.

Natural Thyroid Hormone Can Treat Hypothyroidism

Low moods, fatigue, weight gain, irritability, constipation, impaired memory (older folks may think they are becoming ‘senile’) and – DEPRESSION – are all symptoms of hypothyroidism. Source: Mayo Clinic.

Did you catch that last one? Depression. Feeling depressed, tired and lethargic is a common symptom of hypothyroid illness. And you can have these feelings and not be severly ill, just in the low normal range of thyroid testing.

I have this form of ‘subclinical hypothyroidism‘ – a mild case of hypothyroidism.

And when I was given thyroid hormone (synthetic T4 called Synthroid) 25 years ago most of my suicidal depressions ended. It is very rare for me to get in that state anymore – or to become manic.

I still cycle and have down times, but progressing into a severe illness state is rare for me now.

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And I take no psychotropic medications. Medications that make many worse, especially with long-term use. Wouldn’t you like that to be you too?

No Access to Health Care But Treated My Hypothyroidism

I recently needed a new thyroid medication prescription, but could not afford care. And the last time I went to a doctor specifically to get a thyroid workup and check my T3 as well as T4 levels, she would not run the full range of tests.

She only wanted to test TSH and T4 in lieu of writing a new prescription for Synthroid. A Big Pharma bought and paid for physician.

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It took about a month off the med but as usual, my hypo symptoms started to surface and worsen. One morning I was too fatigued to write, just wanted to ‘sleep all day’. And I knew exactly what was causing it – not being on my thyroid medication.

I also knew that dessicated thyroid hormone supplements or ‘natural thyroid hormone’ can be bought over-the-counter. And that taking more than just a T4 med may help me to feel even better.

Natural thyroid provides more of what is produced by your actual thyroid gland i.e. T1, T2, T3 and T4. Plus more stuff and some things that probably have not been identified in a lab as of yet.

Trial Run of Natural Thyroid Supplement Bought Online

I read up again about dessicated thyroid hormone, how you could buy it with a prescription or without and what to expect if I started taking it instead of Synthroid.

I bought a product online, took a 390 mg capsule religiously in the morning (still do) and started to respond in a few days, feel a response. A few weeks into the treatment, had some increase of symptoms in the afternoon.

Got back online, read how common this was when switching to a dessicated form of hormone, upped the dose to 2 capsules taking the second pill around 3 p.m. as was recommended and back to feeling normal most of the time. Heaven. With no side effects.

Note: The product I take has more in it than just the dessicated thryoid tissue in it – it has spleen tissue, adrenal tissue, thymus tissue and some Korean White Ginseng. I would much rather be taking a prescription natural thyroid med such as NP Thyroid or Naturethroid.

I look forward to taking my ‘afternoon med’. It perks me back up, I go for a walk usually and work a few more hours before dinner. My experience is similar to many others, and now I can take the medication for life without being worried about lack of access to medical care.

Update October, 2017: I did get to a doctor a few months later, and went back on Synthroid. Back to my normal, but still have too much fatigue. Could be from many things, but still want to try a prescription natural thyroid med when can.

What Type of Thryoid Medication is Best?

The following quote is from an article by Dr. Izabella Wentz, “Which Thyroid Medication is Best?“.

Many patients who did not feel well on conventional treatments have reported feeling much better after switching to a natural desiccated thyroid medication like Armour®, Nature-Throid® or WP Thyroid®. These medications are derived from the thyroid glands of pigs and considered bio-identical to the hormones produced by our own thyroid glands.

Source: Thyroid

Try it yourself, get tested first if you can. If not, buy online and do a trial run of a natural thyroid supplement to see if your symptoms relent. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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