How Much Salmon Oil Should You Take For Bipolar Disorder?


How much salmon oil should you take for bipolar disorder? Excellent question! And the award goes to Emile who wrote this as a comment on another post:

“What dosage of omega 3 fish oil capsules a day for bi-polar is enough. Thanks”

How Much Salmon Oil Should You Take For Bipolar Disorder?
A New Product I’m Going to Buy – Is 100% Pure Salmon Oil from Wild Caught Salmon.

I’ve always assumed 1000 mg per day (1 gram) was the recommended dosage – because in all my years of taking it that is what the supplements give for a daily dose.

I was diagnosed Manic Depressive in 1984 at the age of 19. No, no one ever told me to take salmon oil to help my condition. I had to figure it out on my own.

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Now there is much research that has shown a benefit for symptoms of bipolar disorder.

FDA Classifies Up to 3 Grams of Omega-3s Per Day as Safe

The below is from an article: “Fish Oil to Treat Depression?”

“The Food and Drug Administration is now considering what quantity of omega-3s to recommend; currently it has no recommendation but classifies three grams per day as ‘safe.'”

Source: WebMD

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a fact sheet for health professionals on omega-3 fatty acids. Here’s what they have to say:

“… according to the European Food Safety Authority, long-term consumption of EPA and DHA supplements at combined doses of up to about 5 g/day appears to be safe.”

“It noted that these doses have not been shown to cause bleeding problems or affect immune function, glucose homeostasis, or lipid peroxidation.”

“The FDA recommends not exceeding 3 g/day EPA and DHA combined, with up to 2 g/day from dietary supplements [168]. Some doses used in clinical trials exceed these levels.”

Source: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fact Sheet.

Large doses above 3 grams (3000 mg) per day could be harmful. You could increase your risk of bleeding (very important for anyone taking anticoagulant medication) and of having a stroke.

2 Quality Products at Low Cost

Here are two brands you can try, there are many more available. Just buy a quality supplement and not at Walmart!

1. Omega Factors Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

2. MRM Fresh Omega Pure Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil

Don’t buy fish oil that could be from many different types of fish and contain contaminants (mercury, PCBs). Buy a 100% salmon oil product.

Salmon Oil is Not a Bipolar Cure or a Quick Fix for Severe Illness

Know that taking a salmon oil supplement is not a quick fix type of solution. It is a long-term treatment that could help to lessen severe mood states, both depression and mania.

How? By treating an underlying biological cause of your illness.

And it has been proven to be effective. So just buy it, take it daily and stick with it.

It may take a month or more to notice any change but regardless you are helping many different things in your body i.e. heart health, inflammation that contributes to chronic illness, etc.

Children Benefit From Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If you are Manic Depressive that has been proven to have a genetic susecptability and have children, it would be very smart to give them salmon oil. To prevent onset of the illness.

There are many brands marketing fish oil supplements to children. You would need to research and find a quality product and also give an amount appropriate for their age.


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