ECT Machines Have Never Been Tested


ECT machines have never been tested. You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought. That can’t be true. How can a device such as ECT machines that are used in a medical procedure that has been done on patients for decades – and that is very controversial – never have been tested as a medical device and approved by the FDA?

ECT Machines Have Never Been Tested
Claims in Textbooks and Review Articles That ECT is Effective Are Not Consistent With The Published Data

Why is it not regulated?

Fetal Monitoring Devices Have Never Been Tested

Can you imagine ever hearing the following statements:

“Insulin pump devices have never been tested”
“Fetal heart monitors have never been tested”
“EKG machines have never been tested”

That Would Be Insane and Doctors Put in Jail

Ok, the ‘put in jail’ part I am not 100% sure about but there would be a major revolt in the medical communities (endrocrinologists, heart specialists, OB/GYN) that specialize in care that uses these machines for evaluation and treatment.

They would be concerned about patient care as much as being labeled ignorant quacks. Snake oil selling white-robed snakes.

ECT Machines Have Never Been Tested
No Evidence at All That ECT Reduces a Suicide Risk. There is Some Evidence That ECT INCREASES Suicide Risk and NONE That it Reduces It.

Major revolt. Head’s of universities resigning, billion dollar lawsuits being filed by patients who claim to have been harmed by such an untested device. Shame and embarrassment to the medical professionals who participated in the unethical use of such a machine. Etc, etc.

Revolt and rebellion.

So why is that not the case with ECT machines that intentionally produce seizure activity in the brain and cause head trauma? It is insane.

Idea That ECT Machines are Safe and Effective is Absurd

Quote from Dr. Peter Breggin in the KPCC radio talk show interview:

“The FDA is considering not testing (ECT machines) at all. These machines have never been tested.”

“The idea that they are safe and effective and don’t need testing when they produce head trauma is absurd.”

That is insane. Why aren’t psychiatrists all up in arms and fighting this horrible travesty of medical injustice? Holding psychiatric conferences to figure out how to stop the profit-generating, brain-damaging treatment from continuing and harming their patients. Or at least be studied for its long-term effects on patients who have the procedure and – for God’s sake – the machines be tested.

Why not?

Why don’t they want to protect the integrity of their field of medicine like cardiologists would, endocrinologists would, OB/GYN docs would. Why do they not uphold the medical oath of honor required in being licensed to practice as a physician and “First Do No Harm”? Why not?

Why are there not billion dollar lawsuits against the manufacturers of ECT machines and the medical facilities that administer the treatment by those who have been damaged by the procedure? Brain damaged.

Why not? ECT is like a safeguard against the failure of other guessing game treatments such as psychotropic medications, something to pull out of the hat when that doesn’t work.

But it should be banned. And thank God for the new research on the ‘Gut as a Second Brain’ that is giving some alternative treatment approaches available that are actually based on valid science.

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Stop ECT and overuse of medications and focus on the gut and other treatment approaches.

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YouTube Video of Interview

The full interview debating the safety and efficacy of ECT between psychiatrists Peter R. Breggin (opponent of ECT), M.D. and Helen Lavretsky, M.D. (loves the procedure) is on YouTube here: KPCC Southern California Public Radio.

I’ve also imbedded the video:

Read, watch, listen and make your own opinions about ECT. And know the facts. Understand the reality, not be brainwashed by the propaganda.

If anyone has been helped – wonderbar. ECT concussion/head injury has been known to give a feeling of euphoria. So a depressed person thinks (very understandably so) that they are better.

But it is temporary. And many are irreversibly harmed by the procedure with long-term memory loss, mental confusion that anyone would have after a serious head trauma, etc. Why would ANYONE ever take that risk with something that has NO LONG-TERM STUDIES about it’s effectiveness.

Yes – you read that correctly. For decades the ONLY patient follow-up studies done were for a FOUR WEEK period after the precedure. Those who perform it don’t care about you after that, it seems… or whether or not the machine can cause harm.

BREAKING NEWS! Wait – I am not totally correct above… they DID do a longer study in 2011 over a six month period and evaluated 347 electroshock patients. What did they find?

“Based on numerous standardized psychological tests, six months after the last ECT every form of the treatment was found to cause lasting memory and mental dysfunction. In the summary words of the investigators: Thus, adverse cognitive effects were detected six months following the acute treatment course.”

“They concluded: This study provides the first evidence in a large, prospective sample that adverse cognitive effects can persist for an extended period, and that they characterize routine treatment with ECT in community settings.”

“After traumatic brain damage has persisted for six months, it is likely to remain stable or even to grow worse. Therefore, the study confirms that routine clinical use of ECT causes permanent damage to the brain and its mental faculties.”

Source: Disturbing News for Patients and Shock Doctors Alike

Why they don’t want the machines to undergo the rigorous testing other medical devices have to go through before being approved by the FDA. Or more long-term studies done.

ECT Machines Have Never Been Tested

ECT machines have never been tested. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you too? Don’t you want to ask yourself why. And why psychiatrists would not want this medical travesty that has been going on for decades to be corrected.

Seems odd to me. And highly suspect. Psychiatrists should be ashamed – at the very least – of their lack of professionalism and lack of scientific and medical integrity within their profession.

Maybe it’s simply time for the lawsuits to start if the FDA and field of psychiatry refuse to act in a responsible manner. And a new focus on the gut as opposed to psychotropic medications – the failure of and worsening of initial symptoms often what drives the desperation behind considering brain damaging ECT in the first place.

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If you want more detailed information Dr. Breggin has taken the time to create a free ECT Resource site: ECT Resources Center.


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