Donald Trump Is a Disaster For Mental Health Care


Donald Trump is a disaster for mental health care. This is a no-brainer, but I thought I’d write about it and think it through a bit. Many don’t think in ‘big picture’ terms but what occurs on the top end of government funding and policy decision-making affects the entire health care system. Controls it really.

Why Donald Trump Would Be a Disaster For Mental Health

Us ‘mentally ill’ persons who require services at times are at the bottom end of the totem pole. The top is Big Pharma and a massive profit-generating machine that Ninja Doc Peter Breggin, M.D. refers to as the “Psychopharmaceutical Complex”. Source: Talking Back to Prozac.

A very fitting term.

When health care funding is reduced, services become limited and unavailable to those who cannot pay exhorbitant premiums for private insurance or for out-of-pocket care. Government funded low-cost clinics get closed, options for treatment become limited.

Trump Would Reduce Services That Are Already Scarce

If you have people in public office who share the same bigoted, divisive way of thinking spouted by meme Donald Trump – those who don’t give a shi* about the average American citizen – it follows they will not support health care for all efforts.

A Donald Trump President Would be a Nightmare For Mental Health Care Needs and Services. Click To Tweet

A Trump presidency would try to roll-back any reform that has already been accomplished, increase health care costs for all forms of care and make getting psychological help more difficult.

Our system already underserves the mentally ill, primarily as many live in poverty or rural areas and have no access to decent and comprehensive services.

If You Are Rich, Psychiatrists Will Help You

The exception is of course psychiatrtists in private practice who will help you – even write a bunch of prescriptions to make you even sicker – as long as you have a bunch of cash on hand to pay out-of-pocket. If you are middle class or low income good luck finding quality care and being able to pay for it.

Mental Health Services Are Dependant on Politicians Who Care. Click To Tweet

When psychiatrists do accept insurance it is private insurance that may or may not cover some of the costs of treatment. Many insurance plans do not have provisions to treat mental illness or contain very limited ones.

Let’s not get into a discussion of what some of these docs charge for a hour visit or initial consultation. We’ll save that for another day…

Public-funded Health Services Are Dependent on Politicians Who Care

Donald Trump cares about no one but himself and the filthy rich who share his idiotic political views. It would be a fight to get any funds for new services, with most political energy spent fighting those who want to decrease the limited services we already have.

That’s what goes on even in the best of cirumstances. With Trump, the victimization by those in positions of power of some of our most vulnerable citizens would be magnified. A scary reality to even think about, much less have to face.

President Obama Allocated $500 Million Towards Mental Health Initiatives

In January, 2016 Obama signed an executive order allocating $500 million dollars towards mental health services and prevention of gun violence. How do these two work together? They really don’t.

Gun violence (murder, suicides, mass shootings) related to mental illness are FROM psychotropic medication in many cases. In our ‘most deadliest mass shooting’ the perpetrator was taking steroids. There’s actually a medical term for what may have contributed to the act: Steroid Psychosis.

And the perp who targeted the gay nightclub was a known homophobe. He was not ‘bipolar’ as was repeatedly reported in the media since his wife who had been a victim of his violence used that term to describe him. But of course. Bipolar disorder is an excuse for everything and anything these days.

Even a supposed security expert from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) got it wrong. When someone in a position of power in charge of our security is this ignorant about bipolar disorder, mental illness and violence attributed to the use of drugs (prescribed or obtained illegally) we all should be afraid.

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Psychotropic medications are proven to increase homicidality, suicide ideation and attempts and other forms of violence. But you won’t get that information from our mainstream media or drug-company sponsored politicians such as Obama.

Or psychiatrists who are Big Pharma pawns, lie to the public, misrepresent scientific studies and research and still use the ‘Chemical Imbalance Lie’ to get more folks to take more drugs.

The reality is the majority of crimes committed using firearms are by persons who have not been diagnosed mentally ill. But they may – like the Orlando shooter – be on a psychotropic medication.

“However, credible studies suggest that a number of risk factors more strongly correlate with gun violence than mental illness alone.”

“For instance, alcohol and drug use increase the risk of violent crime by as much as 7-fold, even among persons with no history of mental illness — a concerning statistic in the face of recent legislation that allows persons in certain US states to bring loaded handguns into bars and nightclubs.”

“According to Van Dorn et al., a history of childhood abuse, binge drinking, and male gender are all predictive risk factors for serious violence.”

Source: Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms.

Dealing with these issues rationally will just be a hell of a lot worse with someone like Trump in office.

The haters and Big Pharma thugs would support stronger involuntary committment laws (to force people to take more drugs so Big Pharma can increase profits), target mentally ill people as scapegoats for violence committed by psychotropic medications (what is the real issue to be dealt with), decrease affordable and available care for those suffering mental distress in any form, etc.

It would be a nightmare. Worse then it already is. There would exist the potential to regress back to the time of warehousing the mentally ill and using methods of torture as treatment.

$500 Million is Pennies After $4 Billion in Cuts

What Obama allocated was nothing in reality. During the recent recession states in the U.S. cut mental health services by $4 billion dollars. Source: What Obama’s Executive Action Means for Mental Health Funding.

That’s more of what you will see with a Trump presidency. And more luncacy as to what risk any mentally ill person poses to society. Statistics show mentally ill persons are more likely to be victims of crime rather than a perpetrator, whether they own a gun or not.

Access to Care Is More Than Getting a Prescription

Getting treatment for mental health is not solely about having access to psychiatric medications or psychiatric hospitalization. It is about having access to all needed services and quality care.

Services such as alternative medical treatments i.e. help for women who suffer PMS, education about root causes of depression, thorough testing for thyroid issues and blood sugar imbalances, diet evaluation and recommendations, etc.

All of these are needed in addition to therapy (counseling, groups) for those who have suffered psychological or physical trauma or significant loss leading to mental distress.

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