Dear MIT Professor – Please Take Your Bipolar Rhetoric and Prejudice Elsewhere


Dear MIT professor – please take your bipolar rhetoric and prejudice elsewhere. Dear BP-1 Survivor reader… note I did say ‘please’.

Dear MIT Professor - Please Take Your Bipolar Rhetoric and Prejudice Elsewhere
Bipolar Disorder is a Medical Condition That is Difficult to Diagnose – Not a Label to Be Thrown Around as an Explanation For Abusive Behavior

Like a majority of Americans I was shocked, sickened and disgusted at the mass shooting that occurred in the early pre-dawn hours Sunday June 12th in Orlando, Florida. I was driving long distance on Monday and following the news as reports and interviews came on the car radio.

One interview was with a MIT professor who is an expert in terorrism. I believe it was a National Public Radio (NPR) report. He was advising using caution in linking the shooter – Omar Mateen, thankfully shot dead by police – to ISIS. To not automatically label the event a terrorist event pulled off by a member of a terrorist network – until more information was gathered and analyzed by the FBI and others.

This interview was around 9 a.m. in the morning or so – just hours after the tragic and horrific “deadliest public mass murder shooting in U.S. history”. The MIT professor advised caution in connecting the shooter to a terrorist network but seemed perfectly fine in saying that “he was bipolar and had abused his wife“.

It was said by the MIT security expert to make a connection that ‘THAT’ may be the real problem… and it was said with disgust, like all bipolars may be potential mass murderers. But, the problem is, the shooter was not bipolar, never diagnosed and not on any medication from what I’ve researched online.

What the F***?

He Was Bipolar, and Abused His Wife – MIT Professor Raved

So THAT was what maybe was the cause… this ‘assumed mental illness’. The reality? And where did this MIT expert get the info? Not from any actual medical records documenting such a reality it seems, but from heresay from the shooters ex-wife:

She said Mateen was bipolar, although he was not formally diagnosed. She also said Mateen had a history with steroids.

So maybe it was the steroids that triggered the act? That at least is a valid hypothesis supported by fact – not some academic using the term bipolar in a completely inappropriate and prejudicial way.

It’s not ok to assume it was an act of terrorism before evaluating the facts and gathering more information, but it WAS ok to use the word ‘bipolar’ in a derogatory fashion without any substantiating facts and give the (false) impression that THAT was the cause of the mass shooting.

Dear MIT professor – take your bipolar rhetoric and prejudice elsewhere. I am sure a few of your colleagues and graduate students at MIT who may actually suffer from the medical condition Manic Depression would not appreciate your actions and use of misinformation on the public radio interview as much as I did not.

I was actually offended in listening to your comments and the way they were spoken – and now even more so now that I’ve researched and found that there was not even a documented medical history of the shooter being bipolar.

Bipolar Now a Constantly Misused Term

Thanks to the bipolar spectrum, mass marketing of antipsychotic and other psychotropic medications to a large segment of the population and many being misdiagnosed or given ‘bipolar lite’ diagnoses to account for every form of unwanted mood experienced in the human population… most do not have a clue as to what the illness actually is.

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And the misuse of the term by professionals in positions of power – such as this MIT security expert guy – is simply inappropriate, unprofessional and abusive in nature.

I filed this post under the category of ‘stigma’. Because that is exactly what uninformed and innacurate bipolar rhetoric and prejudice causes.

Rest in peace all victims of the tragedy and may their loved ones heal and be comforted in the days, months and years to come.


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