Child Spends 6 Months in Psych Ward, Then Healed with Micronutrients


Update: This post was first published June, 2017 but there is a bipolar advocate (amazing women, educated, lovely family, illness issues erupted postpartum – most likely copper toxicity) who is writing about thinking her son may have bipolar, and it just makes me so sick and sad, this person is completely controlled by Big Pharma, and now endangering the life of her child.

If she knew better, I know she would be doing nothing of the sort, but finding appropriate medical care. I posted this on her FB wall, hope it helps open her eyes, and anyone else who is being victimized by psychiatry’s lies. All most of them do is write prescriptions, ignoring the harm the meds cause.

Child Spends 6 Months in Psych Ward, Then Healed with Micronutrients
Click Image to Watch Vid and Learn How Micronutrients are More Effective Than Psychotropic Medications

A child was kept in a psychiatric facility for six months. Multiple drug treatments were administered, and no improvement. His concerned parents learned about the work of dedicated physicians, psychologists and nutritionists who use nutritional supplementation and diet changes to heal mental illness.

After he was discharged with no improvement, they decided to try treating him with micronutrients. The child not only healed – he was symptom-free four years later.

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The Story of Andrew

This is the case study that Dr. Julia Rucklidge describes in the lecture that caught my attention. Here is what she says:

“Andrew at age 10 had disturbances in sleep, he had hallucinations, delusions, problems with concentration, he was paranoid. He felt that his food was poisoned, that he was a murderer and adulterer.”

“He was admitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital inpatient mental health for 6 months. He had every test imaginable and was put on a whole host of medications to try and change his symptoms.”

“After 6 months, various medication trials, he was discharged completely unchanged. The parents heard about the micronutrients and they approached the psychiatrist and said we’d like to try the micronutrients to help our son.”

“They talked to the psychiatrist treating him and she said ‘This is snake oil, but I don’t have anything better to offer.'”

Source: What If Nutrition Could Treat Mental Illness.

The diagnosis – or diagnoses – this kid was given I have no clue and who cares. The point is he had severe mental illness symptoms warranting psychiatric hospitalization and was not helped by psychotropic medications or other treatments.

What Happens to Andrew After Put on Micronutrients

This is what happened when the child was put on micronutrients:

“Within six months of being on the micronutrients Andrew’s psychiatric symptoms were all gone and maintained four years later.”

“No clinically significant anxiety, no psychotic symptoms, he is enjoying school, he has friends, and he has normal relationships.”

Take that you idiot shrink – many of you should simply be in a jail cell.

Psychiatrist Unable to Help Child, Calls Nutritional Supplements “Snake Oil”

The psychiatrist who was useless in helping Andrew reacted to a request from the parents to try micronutrients by saying they are “snake oil”. Someone needs to go back to medical school.

Get educated and also take a good, long, hard look at herself and her profession in the mirror. If anything used in psychiatry for the treatment of mental illness today is snake oil… it is psychotropic medications.

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No Child Should be Given Psychotropic Medications

But Big Pharma-controlled psychiatry will keep on prescribing them, as long as they can get away with it without being sued.

What conscientous physician would give a harmful substance to a child that they very well know the risks and dangers of (death, debilitating side effects) when there are alternative treatments that could be tried that are non-harmful.

Non-harmful and be able to heal the underlying imbalances going on.


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Protect yourself, protect your family and please watch the video above and share this information.

As more and more caring, empathic and intelligent adults understand these issues, fewer children will be victimized by psychiatry and medication-happy psychologists and physicians.


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