BP Hope Censors Comment on Julie A. Fast Video


I submitted a comment on a Julie A. Fast video on BP Hope and it was censored. I tried a couple of times, thinking there must have been an error… but no, they refused to publish it.

It was of her smiling and happy about her bipolar diagnosis after years of unhappiness, ineffective therapy, etc. So sad. Like somehow it was a good thing.

For Being Critical of Julie A. Fast and Misinformation She Promotes About Bipolar Disorder

Sickening and sad.

Only someone who isn’t actually Manic Depressive would get excited about being given a bipolar label.

Julie got one of the new bipolar spectrum labels – BP-2 – and made to believe she needs lifelong medication to treat a chemical imbalance. Did the drugs make her well, treat some medical condition? No.

So was it a good thing? Helpful? Has she had ECT yet?

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Manic Depression is episodic with normal functioning in-between illness states, not constantly changing moods every day while depressed and hearing voices.

Full Comment That Was Censored by BP Hope

This is what I wrote:

“The antidepressant made you manic – that is not uncommon Julie and is NOT Manic Depression.”

“That is a side effect from the med. Get off the med, and you should have been – I am sure were for the most part as you recovered from the disturbing experience – FINE.”

“That is NOT the onset of Manic Depression, and you are simply advocating for an illness you do not have. I wish for you to be well too, and to stop advertising everything you experience as somehow a ‘bipolar’ symptom.”

“You’ve been victimized. You have been told a lie – and you bought into it as it fit a scenario that you wanted… that’s not Manic Depression.”

“You do not have any chemical imbalance – a drug made you manic, that’s simply a side effect from a medicine that you did not need, but was meant to help you during a down time (I get that, very sorry for your struggles, depression is awful).”

“You should stop promoting bipolar, stop misusing the label for attention. Sorry, but that is how I feel and what you are doing is leading many others to experience similar victimization.”

“Want to learn what someone with Manic Depression actually experiences?”

“How onset works for this very UNCOMMON illness that has been used to sell more drugs, what the bipolar spectrum is all about.”

“And to make folks who get worse with the meds – like you did – believe they have an illness they – you – do not have.”

“Read my book, and learn about many, many ways to heal, that many have done, I am just someone who speaks out. And will continue to do so. To educate, and help.”

“What you are doing is miseducation based on lack of understanding that leads to death and disability. I want it to stop. Hope you find ways to be well, but STOP promoting an illness you do not have. ”

“BP-2, Major Depression is NOT Manic Depression. ”

“Book: Bipolar 1 Disorder : How to Survive and Thrive.”

“We can debate anytime. Molly”

Anything offensive? I did not put in any link to the book.

Is There Anything Offensive In What I Wrote?

Tell me if the above seems somehow ‘offensive’ and therefore should not have been published… it is not.

On the third try to submit it I did get a little more punchy, and added this to the comment:

“There is so much misinformation on this website – a Big Pharma funded propaganda machine – it’s hard to read, much less comment.”

“It’s awful to experience mood swings, but you got funneled into psychiatry and psychotropic medications rather than treatments that may have helped you.”

“You should want others to be well, not drugged for life and made worse like has happened to you.”

Still, not offensive. My voice and opinion matters. Voices in opposition to Big Pharma promoters BP Hope matter.

How many others do BP Hope censor?

Disabled by Psychotropic Medications, Julie A. Fast Wants You or Your Child Disabled Too

What set me off was reading Julie sharing on Twitter how she did not work for 15 years.

Fifteen years Julie did not work – psychotropic medications made her disabled. And that’s what BP Hope promotes as successful treatment?

How has she survived? Rich family? Government housing voucher and food stamps? Is not being able to work – some end up on the streets – a positive thing? What we want others to have to live through?

That is awful. Many who become unemployed suffer severe mental distress, get depressed and suicidal.

Congrats to Julie for surviving this time, and starting to work again.

Julie’s Mental Health Treatments Failed – That’s a Tragedy Not Success

What if Julie had not been mislabeled with one of the new ‘bipolar spectrum’ labels and drugged, but actually helped to find underlying causes for her mood issues?

Legitimate medical issues such as:

Hashimoto’s ThyroiditisYour Bipolar Symptoms May Be Undiagnosed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Autoimmune IllnessAutoimmune Disease Could Be a Root Cause of Your Bipolar Disorder.

Blood sugar issues from a high carb diet, a sensitivity to wheat, candida in her gut preventing serotonin production – lots of things that could have been successfully treated.

A hair sample taken and tested for heavy metal toxicity? Blood sample for possible toxic mold in her system.

Many treatable things could have been identified, or a mix of things. Psychotropic medications treat nothing, only suppress symptoms temporarily.

Long-term use of psych meds will make symptoms worse and add more illness issues – like Julie has experienced.

With appropriate care she could have been helped and went on to enjoy a productive life. Instead of fed lies, harmed, then used as a pawn to advertise for Big Pharma.

Being Made Disabled Is Not a Successful Treatment Outcome

What if Julie had been educated about things that could help her heal. Helped find ways to cope with her life struggles, helped her process hearing voices. Deal with past trauma, like so many of us have.

What if?

Her multiple mood swings during the day could be from many things. She could still get off psychotropic meds and heal.

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Julie feels restless and that gets advertised on BP Hope as a symptom of bipolar disorder. Julie, take some magnesium, get off debilitating psychiatric medication, get more exercise.

Julie A. Fast Is Not Manic Depressive and Does Not Speak For Me

There is so much more to say but I don’t have the time. Maybe another post as so much of what she writes – not an attack on her as a person, just her ludicrous advocacy – promotes misinformation such as her eyes showing when she is ‘manic’, etc.

Absolutely ludicrous.

Julie, your pupils are dilating at times from the psychotropic medications you are taking that are causing many disturbances in your body.

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That she complained a lot when she spent three years in Japan was indicative she had bipolar disorder. Ridiculous and absurd.

Julie didn’t like Japan, she could have left at any time and made other choices for her life. Or was she being held captive by the Japanese government? Really. Absolutely ridiculous.

Julie went to four different colleges – that’s a symptom of bipolar disorder. Seriously? Julie, did you like school? Get poor grades as you partied too much? Many never have the opportunity to attend college Julie. Lot’s of folks drop out or transfer to a different school.

So much more that BP Hope publishes as they want to promote anything and everything as bipolar, even when it is clearly not.

I’m very sorry for your struggles and suffering Julie. I want others to not experience these things and find ways to heal. You should too.

Will not bother commenting on BP Hope ever again, but will write more here, for those who want accurate, helpful information. Not Big Pharma-controlled propaganda.

Cheers, Molly


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