Molly McHugh Bipolar 1 Survivor
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If you have ever wanted to understand the complexities of Bipolar 1 Disorder, how it can play out in a person’s life and what being put in a looney bin is like this book is for you. It is creatively written by someone who was diagnosed at age 19 and has survived the illness for more than 30 years.

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Sample Chapter: Major Depression is Hell

The following are a few comments on Amazon by readers:

“Truly Eye Opening” “A Wonderful and Powerfully Honest Look at Bipolar” “Can’t Like it Enough” “Pure Excellence” “An Engaging and Insightful Look Into What It’s Like to Live with Bipolar Disorder” “Have Hope and Read”

I am a single mother to boot, college educated (B.A. degree in Communications) and a professional writer and editor. Read More Reviews on Amazon

Table of Contents

The book is concisely written and contains a couple fun subplots included throughout to keep you entertained.

TOC Headings

  1. How It all Started
  2. What Bipolar Illness is Really Like
  3. Diagnosis Manic Depression
  4. Is It OK To Discriminate Against Someone Diagnosed Bipolar?
  5. Mania & Hypomania
  6. Hospitalizations & Getting Better
  7. Playing Doctor Roulette
  8. The Lithium Cure That Didn’t Work
  9. Bipolar Disorder vs Drug Addiction
  10. Relapse, Suicide Risk & Times Past
  11. Bipolar Onset, Acknowledging Illness & Contributing Factors
  12. Is Bipolar I Disorder More Severe Than Bipolar II Disorder?
  13. Major Depression is Hell
  14. Things That Helped Me That May Help You or a Loved One
  15. Treatments & Self Help Protocols
  16. Learning to Separate Your Self from Illness
  17. Social Life & Relationships
  18. Care, Concern & Love
  19. We Will Skip The Torture
  20. Living Life & Moving On

I believe anyone diagnosed bipolar or who wants to learn more about this mental illness will not only enjoy the book but discover many nuggets of helpful information found nowhere else.

best, Molly

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