Bipolar Physician Blogger Ends Life After Harassment


This made me sick. And angry. And sad. And I do not know this woman, never knew of or read her blog. I now know about her and her life and that she was a courageous, accomplished woman who was a physician, mother to two and in a relationship. What a horrible loss.

A Beautiful, Courageous Woman The World Has Lost
A Beautiful, Courageous Woman The World Has Lost

Someone sent me a link to a news article about her and the events surrounding her death and asked me to post it on my Facebook page. Here is the article: GP Found Dead After Being Suspended Over Bipolar Disorder Blog.

I’m going one step further and writing this post, calling out the jerk who felt he had a right to make a complaint about this woman that led to her being suspended from the hospital she worked at and then to taking her own life.

Now She’s Dead

I will never get to read her blog, send her a Twitter note, maybe connect via Facebook. Why? Because some arsewipe harassed her which led to her losing her job and probably worsened whatever it was she was dealing with on the mood scale: severe depression, mood cycling, traumatic mania.

Courageous, Accomplished Bipolar Physician and Mother Ends Life After Harassment. Click To Tweet

I hope wherever his little pea brain and body is now he’s feeling some remorse. If not or even if so, that he also gets whatever karmic debt is coming his way… sooner than later.

Wait, pea brain not descriptive enough. I think arsewipe is a better fit, yes?

No One Has the Right to Harass A Person Based on a Medical Condition

I’m as pissed at the hospital she worked at that let the pea brain idiot have any control over her. Maybe they need to be educated a bit about mental illness or be forced to take some continuing education classes.

I think they should be sued. And held partially accountable for her death.

Blogging Is Not a Crime

She had a right to share her thoughts, publish whatever she wanted. There’s nothing illegal to being a blogger. And if she was successfully completing the duties of her job, which clearly she was (the suspension was not about medical errors being made, etc.) then the hospital had no right to suspend her.

The suspended her because of a treatable illness that SHE WAS IN TREATMENT FOR. The article gives a quote from a ‘consultant psychiatrist’ and she had been taking medications that were then increased after she lost her job.

Increase in Medication, Increase in Illness, Another Life Lost

Psychotropic medications make many worse. That also may have been a primary factor here. She was put through a humiliating, stressful ordeal (an inquest prior to her suspension) and the response from her medical provider was to increase meds.

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All from a situation that never should have been.

Condolescense to her family, friends and all who knew and loved her. No one else ever will.

Another post filed under ‘stigma’. Unother life tragically lost to bipolar disorder.


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