Bipolar Blogger Chicks Fight


No, you do not get to buy a front row seat ticket and us females who live with the horrible medical condition of Manic Depression will not be (at least I won’t) slathering mud onto our beautiful female physiques for a hard core wrestling match. That would be videotaped and then put up on YouTube, but of course.

Bipolar Blogger Chicks Fight
Not Going to Happen and Considering the Fact it Would be a Two Against One Scenario I’d Most Likely Get Creamed.

Nope, that’s not going to happen, though nice try.

This is about bitchy mean stuff that happens when emotions are high and there’s a fight for power – power in the form of being an online bipolar blogger and writing about the illness to publically educate others. And market our hard work.

This match was me and the Bipolar Chicks – and both of us have written books about BP. Wendy K. Williamson wrote an excellent memoir titled “I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar” and also the book with her partner Nora “Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival:Tips for Living with Bipolar Disorder“.

I wrote a memoir “Bipolar 1 Disorder – How to Survive and Thrive” that you can buy for only 99 cents on Amazon here. Wendy is very active in the BP world (I am the new gal in town) and was incredibly kind to read my awful first draft of book (recommended editing, I was being a bit delusional about the writing quality though am more of a creative writer) and give some feedback.

I tried to support in turn by buying and reading both of her books, and putting up reviews for them. I also gave a link to their stuff and a nice shoutout of thanks to Wendy in this post: How I am Celebrating Mental Health Month.

I think the basic issue (and why this situation ended so badly which is sad) is that we both consider ourselves experts of sorts from living with this bitch of an illness and both have a VERY different understanding of psychiatric treatments and origins of the illness.

They (Wendy and Nora) rally for the ‘I have a chemical imbalance and psychiatrists are correcting that with medications I have to take’ (regardless of how sick those meds may make you). They also support the bipolar spectrum from what I understand and connect BP to addiction – that I do agree with, though probably not to the same extent or in the same way.

I am of the ‘this is a f’ing monster of a genetically-based illness that is poorly understood and the new bipolar spectrum makes it even harder to understand, not to mention gives the diagnosis to folks who do not even have the illness (example: Bipolar Burple) but suffer from the serious illness (often chronic and intermittent, similar to BP) of depression or other mental health issues‘ thinking.

And that psychotropic medications can be incredibly helpful, but are also brain damaging, especially with long-term use and can cause side effects worse than the illness itself. And that the ‘Chemical Imbalance Theory’ was well intended – but has clearly been proven false.

Previous post: What is the Chemical Imbalance Theory?

The ‘line has been drawn and no more being bipolar friends’ thing happened over the issue of ECT. I know it is brain damaging (not in any way is just my opinion) and think never ok, they support the procedure. Take a Staycation Instead of Having ECT Treatments.

The down and dirty (quite nasty actually) details, copied from a thread on BP Chicks FB page.

I Should Be Ashamed for Speaking Out About Brain Damaging ECT and Wanting Someone to Try Other Things To Try and Be Well.  No, I Am Trying to Help Those Who Are Being Misled and Victimized. It Makes Me Sick Someone Has to Even Consider It.
I Should Be Ashamed for Speaking Out About Brain Damaging ECT and Wanting Someone to Try Other Things To Try and Be Well. No, I Am Trying to Help Those Who Are Being Misled and Victimized. It Makes Me Sick Someone Has to Even Consider It.

There’s more to our ‘sling mud in the other’s face’ online fight in the comments section of this post – with more apology, and me stating why I am really angry, that has nothing to do with the BP Chicks – I wish them the best.

I reacted to a post on their page about wanting to find someone to do “ECT the right way” Like the procedure can be done correctly and is fine, if not done right then you may be harmed. Partly true, as it can be more damaging or less damaging depending on what part of the brain they decide to damage.

New To the Bipolar Blogging World But Not Going Anywhere

I’m getting a crash course in what’s been going on the past 15 years or so (lived out of the country for most of that time) and it’s created a really big huge glop of very serious anger. Anger that I’ve misdirected – and apologized a few times to Wendy and Nora – but that is very valid.

And I won’t stop fighting what I see clearly as abuse of many by medical professionals (non-ninja psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health advocates, etc.), who simply want to profit from human suffering. Lie to patients, drug some to the point of death (literally), incapacitate others with ECT (most often after causing illness of the brain with psychotropic medications).

It’s not just my ‘opinions’ for the most part – much is fact. And I will continue to try and educate others who find BP and related issues overwhelming and very difficult to understand – while continuing to learn as I go myself.

And try to find others who are more like-minded maybe, and keep my opinions to this blog where folks can choose to read or not read… or directed at the folks who are in positions of power and abusing that position. Not at folks who are simply struggling through life dealing with the mother f’ing bitch of an illness Manic Depression like Wendy and I are.

In peace, Molly

Photograph of wrestling chicks from here.


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