Did Big Brother Edit My Book For Me?


Did big brother edit my book for me? This is just a note in lieu of making a few minor updates to my book: Bipolar 1 Disorder – How to Survive and Thrive.

Self-Publsihing on Amazon is as Simple as Uploading a PDF File. And You Are At Their Mercy for Protection of Your Data.
Self-Publsihing on Amazon is as Simple as Uploading a PDF File. And You Are At Their Mercy for Protection of Your Data.

I ordered a few of the paperbacks to send to a few people who have kindly offered to read it and noticed a few changes to the text – that I am pretty sure I didn’t make. One that I will change asap and that really bothers me it is in there, is this:

“More than 2 or 3 is insane unless absolutely necessary”

I agonized a bit what to put there, and decided on “1 or 2”. Simply as I know how severe mood states can be and someone may need medical help to stabilize. I did not – intentionally – put “2 or 3”.

It was in the “Bipolar Disorder vs Drug Addiction” chapter. And I was commenting on how insane it is today the number of medications people are given (medical malpractice actually, but another topic for another day). That some people have told me they are taking 7 different medications.

Seven psychotropic medications at once?

That is sickening to even think about, and insane. And why disability rates for mental illness are so high.

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Is the above a major issue? No, but it is not what I wrote, or would support, or was saying. So I’ll fix it and make sure it stays fixed in the text.

Need to Update Section on Low Dose Prozac

When you write a memoir you are in the mode of trying to tell a story – your story. Your trying to share with the reader whatever subject matter the book is focusing on in a way that will be of interest and enjoyable to read.

Being on More Than 1 or 2 Psych Meds is Insane. And Will Make You Sick. Click To Tweet

At least that was how I approached the project. I shared as much down and dirty detail as I could that related to my experience of living with this illness and treatments. One involved low-dose Prozac. It was many years ago, and I would never do it again. So will add a comment in that section to clarify.

And I wrote this post after realizing how that may sound like I am recommending it as a treatment. I know much more now about these meds, how they work, and how disabling long-term use is. I would treat a similar severe mood state in other ways now.

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Twenty Years to Complete the Book

I actually started the book many years ago – when I was in my late twenties. Yes, I was in a pretty strong hypomanic state at the time – the book was of course going to be ground-breaking and a best seller! – and also rapid cycling. And I didn’t get much done at that time other than a few starter notes.

The motivation though in making an attempt to write a book was very sincere – I simply wanted to share my story in the hope it helped others. I’d read quite a few mental health memoirs by that time and wanted to add mine to the mix.

So many of those books gave me solace during times I was hanging on by a pretty thin thread. Made me feel not alone. Helped me to understand that others go through severe illness states, can experience psychiatric hospitalization and come out on the other side.

Get back to living their lives like others do. Become a part of society again, enjoy life.

Plus, in the early 1990s there were few memoirs with a focus on Manic Depression. Now with the explosion of the diagnosis due to all the new versions of it (BP-lite diagnoses, reactions from antidepressants then getting BP-2 diagnosis, etc.) there are many books that have been written about ‘bipolar disorder’.

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Though mine still is one of a few that are actually about classic Manic Depression. And I do feel I’ve created something of value to others, to help them not only feel alone, but to understand the illness a little better and some things that may be helpful in healing severe mood states.

I’m proud of my contribution, and hope if the topic interests you you’ll check it out. It is only 99 cents as a Kindle book, and I am going to keep it priced at 99 cents so anyone can read it regardless of income level.



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