Autoimmune Disease Could Be a Root Cause of Your Bipolar Disorder


Autoimmune disease could be a root cause of your bipolar disorder. Root cause as in contributing factor to why you experienced severe depression or mood swings in the first place.

Autoimmune Illness Could Be a Factor in Your Bipolar Disorder.
Chronic Fatigue and Severe Depression Are Painful to Experience. Actual Pain Syndromes Even Worse.

I talk in my book about my issues with chronic illness (Fybromalgia, CFS/ME, pain) as ‘affecting’ illnesses. I wasn’t sure how to write that.

But the basic point is your bipolar illness states didn’t erupt out of nowhere, appear from a bodily vacuum. And it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

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Something – or many things – tiggered it’s arrival in your life. And those somethings are not a ‘chemical imbalance’ from your genetic profile. Even if you are BP-1.

There is no proven chemical imbalance in a mentally ill person’s brain. It was a great hypothesis that was proven false. Yes, there are things going on and your neurotransmitters are a part of the whole picture.

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But the ‘why’ of it happening or starting is not fully understood. And there are a multitude of things (emotional trauma, chemical exposure, undiagnosed food sensitivities, etc.) that could have contributed to you becoming ill.

Infection, Autoimmune Disease Linked to Depression

Autoimmune disease is another possible contributing or causative factor of bipolar (whatever form) illness and of depression:

“People who had been treated for a severe infection were 62% more likely to have developed a mood disorder than those who never had one. An autoimmune disease increased the risk by 45%.”

“Multiple infections or the combination of severe infection and an autoimmune disease boosted the odds of developing depression, bipolar disorder, or another mood disorder even further.”

Source: Harvard Health Education.

That is a much better way to understand and think about this illness. Much better than all the ‘advocates’ out there who don’t understand the issue fully and keep promoting misinformation.

Misinformation (“you have to take psychotropic medications, you have a chemical imbalance”) that leads to many becoming more ill, disabled and on multiple toxic psychotropic medications they did not even need in the first place.

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I want it to stop. And will keep fighting to make that happen.

Inflammatory Responses from Autoimmune Disease Can Cause Depression

Here is some new thinking about what is going on in the body of a depressed person, based on legitimate science:

“Increasing amounts of data suggest that inflammatory responses have an important role in the pathophysiology of depression.”

“Depressed patients have been found to have higher levels of proinflammatory cytokines, acute phase proteins, chemokines and cellular adhesion molecules.”

Source: Cytokines Sing The Blues: Inflammation and the Pathogenesis of Depression.

Manic Depression Has a Genetic Predisposition, Depression Does Not

If you are actually Manic Depressive – now called Bipolar 1 Disorder – then yes, it has been proven that their is a genetic predisposition to the illness. Depression has been proven to NOT be a genetic-based illness. There are many potential causes and contributing factors to an onset of depression.

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But even with a predisposition (i.e. someone in your familial history diagnosed Manic Depressive) the chance of becoming ill is relatively low.

I’ve read a few different numbers – but it seems around 10% risk if one parent is diagnosed with the illness.

Majority of Those Given Bipolar Diagnoses are Not Manic Depressive

The majority of folks who get labeled ‘bipolar’ these days are not Manic Depressive. They have experienced depression, possibly have Major Depressive Disorder (as serious as Manic Depression in my opinion but a very different illness) or other issues.

The bipolar diagnosis (Bipolar 2 Disorder, Cyclothymic) gets thrown in when the drugs they give you make you worse… such as irritability, anxiousness, inability to sleep, hyperactivity, impulsivity, etc.

Cybalta is the most prescribed antidepressant in the U.S. Guess what a main side effect of Cymbalta is? Suicidal impulses.

Cymbalta is so dangerous the FDA gave the drug a black box warning. Cymbalta is what Ely Lily came up with after their Prozac (chemicals in the drug) patents expired. Similar stuff but they threw in some pain drugs too, so you can get more addicted even faster in addition to become suicidal.


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The only thing that has been proven by science is that there is no identifiable chemical imbalance causing a mood disorder.

The reality is doctors do not know why you became ill. And they lie to patients about this to the point of being able to be diagnosed as one of their DSM personality disorder category diagnoses.

I’ll leave the specifics to your imagination. Hint: it has to do with money and Big Pharma.


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