Ronald Pies M.D. and the Bipolar Spectrum


Ronald Pies M.D. and the bipolar spectrum, what’s to talk about? Dr. Ronald Pies from what I understand was the primary force behind the bipolar spectrum created in 1994 and made an official psychiatric diagnosis in the DSM-4.

Ronald Pies M.D. and the Bipolar Spectrum
Phony Categories Created To Market Antispychotic Medications

The story of the bipolar spectrum goes that Dr. Pies acting as a psychopharmacology consultant on cases of treatment-resistant depression decided that the lack of response to psych drugs meant the patient was bipolar and of course, needed to be given more drugs.

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They now had a label psychiatrists could prescribe the new antipsychotic medications for that were just being put on the market at the time.

Farcical take on what happened in 1994: The Story of the Bipolar Spectrum.

The person really did not have a medical history justifying a diagnosis of bipolar (of course not, they didn’t have the illness) – they were depressed. The psychotropic medications they were given to treat the depression did not improve their condition, possibly made them worse.

The Bipolar Spectrum Created “Bipolar Depression”

So rather than acknowledge the treatment approach may not be the right course of action (psych meds) for these patients Dr. Pies decided to create new names for various forms of depression using ‘bipolar’ as a marketing tactic and then be able to give MORE meds.

Specifically the ones he and his colleagues needed to market for Big Pharma.

Now these patients were not suffering from depression… they had ‘bipolar depression’. And therefore, could be given antipsychotic meds.

Even though they were not psychotic. Or actually bipolar i.e. Manic Depressive now called Bipolar 1 Disorder (BP-1).

The Morality of Lying

Maybe it is ok to lie in certain situations, but for a physican to lie to patients about medical treatments that are harmful which includes the possibility of triggering suicide or acts of violence is simply wrong.

You can add in ‘evil‘ if you want.

I personally think the actions of Dr. Pies et al. border on that reality when it comes to the magnitude of damage these recommended treatments can have. Children being diagnosed bipolar who of course do not have the illness. And then are drugged, brain damaged and stigmatized for life.

How about end up dead?

Learn about the 19,000 children and more who have been murdered by psychotropic medications here: PAPA – Amazing Parents Fighting for All of Our Kids.

Elderly persons diagnosed bipolar who do not have the illness, then drugged and some given ECT after the medications make them worse. They get called ‘treatment resistent.”

As if they were diabetic and then insulin did not help regulate their blood sugar levels. We don’t have a ‘breast cancer spectrum.” You either have breast cancer or you don’t. Why not?

Because it is a legitimate medical illness with valid science and proven treatment approaches. No charade to play there to make a ton of cash. The physicians would be shunned who even suggested such a ludicrous thing i.e. oncologists who want to create a new ‘Breast Cancer 2’ diagnosis to give chemotherapy to those diagnosed with benign breast cysts to market more of the drugs and make more money.

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But Dr. Pies got away with his ‘bipolar spectrum’ farse. Why? When even he knows the logic used to create this new list of psychiatric categories is completely bogus. That there is no such thing as an identifiable chemical imbalance in a psychiatric patients brain.

Maybe one in the physicians…

Unwarranted Treatment That Harms Many

Other harmful effects from psychotropic medicaitons? Death from suicides, mass murder school shootings by teenagers being given antidepressants.

The below is quoted from a 2010 Public Library of Science study: “Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others“.

“We identified 1527 cases of violence disproportionally reported for 31 drugs. Primary suspect drugs included varenicline (an aid to smoking cessation), 11 antidepressants, 6 sedative/hypnotics and 3 drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

Source: Public Library of Science.

The list goes on. So is that in any way ok to contribute to? Is lying justified when it directly can cause harm, potentially severe, devastating harm and harmful consequences to those who are being lied to? The physicians get off scot free, are even rewarded in many ways.

I personally think the answer is no. An excellent source for more information about the link to violence and other serious adverse effects of antidepressant medication is: SSRI Stories.

To understand how debilitating and damaging antipsychotic medications can be read what many psychiatrists reveal in this article: Psychiatric Drugs – Cure or Quackery?

Chemical Imbalance Theory Urban Legend But Let’s Give More Drugs to More Patients

Dr. Pies claims he has never (that no reputable psychiatrist has ever…) believed in the ‘Chemical Imbalance Theory’. That it is an “Urban Legend”. Yet he somehow feels it is ethically and morally ok to use the chemical imbalance fairy tale as justification for giving those who suffer from mood disorders brain disabling drugs.

And to tell these patients and their families – lie to them – that the medications he and his colleagues are prescribing are treating a chemical imbalance in their brain. When they know that it is not true?

I promise you – Dr. Pies with all his supposed expertise understands exactly how these medications work, and the devastating side effects they have, especially with long term use.

You can read more here, quotes at bottom of article from a 2011 Psychiatric Times article: How Was the Chemical Imbalance Theory Developed?

No Chemical Imbalance, So Why Not Search For Other Medical Conditions?

Dr. Pies claims it’s an urban legend then uses the lie of it to say more people need to take drugs – treatment-resistant depression patients – to treat their supposed chemical imbalances. And he’s ok with drugging children, many who will be permanently incapacitated for life, definitely will be stigmatized much throughout their lives.

Is that not sick? Do you really clearly understand what the bipolar spectrum is about and how those who should be receiving better care for their mood issues (such as searching for co-existing medical issues) are being used to make greater profits for psychiatrists like Dr. Pie and all their Big Pharma cohorts?

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Great job Dr. Pies and are you sadistic?

Why are patients who are suffering from the horrible medical condition of severe depression after being given a trial of a couple of those meds and made worse, not told that they most likely have other medical issues that need to be identified and addressed.

NOT that they are ‘treatment-resistant’. They aren’t and psychiatrists know it. It’s a lie. They simply did not need the toxic pharmacological bullshit guessing game treatments.

Most conscientous physicians who attempt to help a patient and fail, or worse, make the person more ill and potentially in danger of losing their life – try other things or recommend other treatments and refer the person to a different specialist.

Put the Bipolar Spectrum Genie Back in the Bottle

Psychiatrists sold out to Big Pharma decades ago and seem to not be able to turn back. So they just keep propagating the lie of the chemical imbalance theory and keep making more and more decent, caring – some brilliant – human beings very sick from toxic drugs.

Maybe he should have me over for dinner and we could have a little chat and get this phony bipolar spectrum and phony ‘bipolar depression’ nonsense put back in the bottle and move forward with some sanity within the mental health field.

If so, maybe at some future point he would be a physician who would deserve to be respected. Dr. Pies could become the beacon of light towards a new world of psychiatry. After he and they take accountablility for what they have created and are currently promoting and stop lying to the public, parents, patients, public officials in charge of administering mental health policies and legislation.

In my humble opinion, today in 2016 what he has done deserves no respect. Dr. Pies does not, the Big Pharma agenda pandering bipolar spectrum doesn’t and the treatment approach for ‘treatment-resistent depression’ or the fake ‘bipolar depression’ diagnosis doesn’t.

All three of the above deserves to be spoken out about and condemned.

Patient’s need to be educated about psychiatrists in positions of power like Dr. Pies and other doctors like him so as to not be victimized by unecessary brain damaging treatments. While possibly other medical condtions that need attention go untreated.

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That’s a good start. And I will help to make it happen.


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