A Ketogenic Diet Did Not Work For Me


A ketogenic diet did not work for me. I tried to do the ketogenic diet to help heal my bipolar illness – I still get hypo – but it did not work for me. #Fail and ketosis was awful.

Instead of a Black Cat for Halloween You Get a Black Tongue Photo! I Wish I'd Taken a Pic of Mine a Month Ago... So Gross!
Instead of a Black Cat for Halloween You Get a Black Tongue! I Wish I’d Taken a Pic of Mine a Month Ago… So Gross!

One side effect from being in ketosis (about a week or so) was to have my tongue go completely jet black overnight. I was brushing my teeth and caught a glimpse of something dark in the mirror. What? Opened my mouth, took a better look and my tongue was solid jet black.

It was so gross. I kept looking at it… wtf? I first thought it was from candida – as being in ketosis triggered the start of a vaginal yeast infection and I hadn’t had those symptoms in decades.

Then got online, read up on it and realized I was wrong (I used to know this stuff!).

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When you have candida overgrowth in your body it can cause your tongue to become white, not black. You’ve probably heard of thrush – that’s from candida overgrowth. A doctor explains causes, symptoms and treatments for thrush here.

So it was some bacteria or other type of fungal overgrowth going on. Still gross.

Ketosis Can Lead to Fungal Overgrowth

I had to stop the diet as I just wasn’t in a position to do it at this time. I was overdoing the fat, trying to eat next-to-nil carbs (why I so effectively got into a state of ketosis after around two weeks) and had too many side effects (fatigue, naseau, mental spaciness, etc.).

If I had more money I would have been able to stay on it and eat a better variety of foods and cook things that were appealing, rather than just fried in butter and olive oil meats and a ton of cheese, spinach and mayonnaise-covered cold leftovers (more meat).

Dark chocolate was allowed. That I may have overdone.

And the reactions I was experiencing would have let up after awhile most likely. It was probably a temporary detoxing type of issue. But I didn’t have the cash to do the diet correctly, or a doctor to work with to help adapt to the diet so said forget it.

And I learned that it may not be the best diet for me after all, as I have a history of candida growth problems. The below is from “Does the Ketogenic Diet Cure Candida? The Ketosis-Candida-Mercury Link“.

“Furthermore, since ketones are water-soluble and pass easily through cellular membranes, ketones will actually be a more accessible food source for candida. Don’t go high-carb, since any extra glucose will just be food for the yeast, but don’t go ketogenic, either. Stick to around 100-150 grams of carbs while still limiting sugar.”

Source: Online Article.

I agree. Sugar is a huge no no for me, and low carb the best way to keep Candida health issues under control.

Ketogenic Diet Proven to Treat Bipolar 2 Disorder

If I get into a place where I can try it again I will. It’s the only diet that has been studied to treat symptoms of bipolar. Who wouldn’t want to change their diet rather than be on the disgusting psych meds.

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No, not talking about me… I’ve been off psych meds for around 24 years. And I’d rather not ever be in a place where that is necessary again in my lifetime.

Knock on wood.

It was studied with two bipolar 2 disorder sufferers. Both healed their biochemical-induced mood issues. Every person dealing with these issues should know they may be able to heal with a ketogenic diet. Talk with your doctor.

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Ketogenic Diet Did Not Work For Me But May Help You!

It did not work for me because I did not really do it correctly – but you may have excellent results so for sure read all you can about it and talk with your doctor or therapist.

One book that I skimmed through and that helped to convince me to try the diet was “The Grain Brain Cookbook: More Than 150 Life-Changing Gluten-Free Recipes to Transform Your Health“.

The book is one of a few by David Perlmutter, M.D., a neurologist. His father – who was also a neurologist – died from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.

He writes in his book that for him, “it’s personal”. He feels the diet could have saved his father from years of debillitating illness.

It’s personal for me too. I hope you have the resources to give it a try, and enjoy better mood health and stability.


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