Thank You Kayne West for Getting Off Psych Meds


Thank you Kayne West for getting off psych meds. A huge thank you from me to you, and a huge hug to you wishing you the best recovery possible.

I know that’s not what the mainstream press is going to be touting. The top hit on Google this a.m. was “Kanye West and the Dangers of Going off Psychiatric Meds.”

Bipolar Advocates Will Call You “Dangerous” Ye – Maybe Even Stupid Like I’ve Been Called – Don’t Listen, They Are Big Pharma Brainwashed, Many Given ECT.

Don’t listen to that crap. Big Pharma advertising controls most of what they print and most of it is lies. You need to know there are millions out there like me who support you.

Kayne Gets His Sleep and Feels Calm – Awesome

While the media and psychiatrists who make their living drugging folks portray his reclaiming his innate well-being and wholeness as somehow “dangerous”, Kayne is busy living his life and feeling well.

Note: Want to learn about two year olds they have diagnosed bipolar and drugged, who dropped dead? Want to learn how psychiatry works, most of it? Read this: 19,000 children murdered by psychiatric medication.

This is Kayne’s experience when off psychiatric medication for five months:

“I have to step ahead of the whole crazy thing, and let me tell you, I’ve been diagnosed with bipolarity and I haven’t taken medication in five months and I’m talking to you super calm.”

“I get my sleep. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol. I drink a lot of water, and I work on my diet, and work on my mind. And I talk and be around people who love me.”

Source: Kanye West Isn’t Taking His Bipolar Medication.

I Respect You Kayne

I have a confession to make Ye. I haven’t thought very highly of you the past few years as I’ve become familiar with you and your work through the media.

I respect your gifts and music-making, of course. But it’s the other stuff that we know what it is and that upset most of the country (you get how slaves came to America, I think now).

That stuff. And then I learned about your bipolar diagnosis, etc. and really didn’t know how to put it together.

I didn’t know if bipolar should be used to excuse unwanted behavior, get publicity. I don’t think it should. We all have to take responsibility for our actions.

That said, you listened to folks who were upset, retracted your statement and also got clear on what Trump is about… stopped kissing his arse.

Or at least backed down trying to get national hero and NFL star Colin Kaapernick to start a Trump bromance. Beyond that don’t know much, I’m not a celebrity news fan.

I’m not a fan of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” either – think it is ridiculous, have many better things to do with my time.

That said, we’re good now Ye, in case you were worried.

I respect you.

Psychotropic Medications May Have Caused Kayne’s Paranoid Behavior

The other issue that I think you may understand now is that whatever psych meds you were on, they may have contributed to the paranoid stuff you were experiencing.

I got psychotic on antipsychotic medication – how’s that for f’ing bs? And yes, I am Manic Depressive, have experienced out-of-control mania that was not due to ingesting psychoactive drugs (recreational or prescribed).

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I share my full story in my book… you will relate to some it for sure: Bipolar 1 Disorder – How to Survive and Thrive.

So I get that aspect as well and is another brilliant reason for anyone who has been prescribed these meds to rethink the situation and decide whether or not they want to continue taking them.

You made the right choice, you are a decent human being, highly-creative and now can live an authentic life. So awesome. I’m sincerely happy for you.

And you are setting an example for others. Can help so many.

When another bipolar blogger recently dissed you on her Facebook page – I stood up for you.

“Oh Kanye, you clearly still have so much to learn about bipolar disorder and it sounds like it’s going to be some painful lessons too.”

“I wish you well and I hope Kim is truly the strong woman she portrays herself to be as those three children are going to need her.”

Source: Bipolar Blogger Name I Do Not Want To Disclose.

Don’t need to name the person, she has a right to her opinion and is struggling with mental health issues.

I spoke out about it on my Facebook page: Bipolar 1 Disorder Survivor.

I stood up for you because in that way I stand up for all of us – whatever medical-physical-emotional-mental issue we struggle with. Whatever label.

It is what you are doing now too. And I thank you.

Psychotropic medications treat nothing, suppress symptoms, and prevent healing. You and I both know the harm they cause.

Trust me, psychiatrist’s do too, and their lies will only last so long.

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I Will Follow You and Your Amazing Career – Let’s Change the World Together

I’m a fan now Ye and hope we both can be examples for folks – there are millions of us – who got funneled into psychiatry for whatever reason, told the chemical imbalance lie, were drugged and had to fight to regain our health.

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It’s a fight millions are struggling with, around the world.

Thanks to Big Pharma and the ‘bipolar spectrum‘ nonsense, bipolar disorder is now a leading cause of disability.

Disability from psych meds, not the medical issues. Historically folks like us do better long term off of meds. That’s a fact. Will write more later.

Hugs and have an awesome day Ye, Molly


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