Take a Staycation Instead of Having ECT Treatments


Update: This post ‘Take a Staycation Instead of Having ECT Treatments’ offended someone suffering with severe mood issues and actually came out a bit more intense than I had intended. It was meant to just give some thought to how you can do other things than potentially damaging medical treatments, not upset anyone. Followed up with (and will write more): Medical Alternatives to ECT. Peace.

And make that an extra special staycation, suited for your particular needs in healing whatever trauma or physical distress you are suffering from that is forcing you to consider getting brain damaging ECT Treatments. Please consider it at least.

Take a Staycation Instead of Having ECT Treatments
I Personally Find This Image Highly Offensive as it is a Child Receiving ECT Treatment. But Do Know Children are Forced ECT – In Australia They are Doing 'Experimental ECT' on Low IQ Kids. Simply Evil.

I say ‘force’ as I know how horrible severe depression is or other extreme mood state such as mania and that when in a very ill state of bipolar illness you do not have proper control of your thinking or thoughts or – of course – next to nil control over how you are feeling.

Consider doing anything other than brain damaging ECT Treatments that may change the way you feel and give you a perception different than what you are suffering – or a temporary physical change that may make you feel like you are better – but you need to understand clearly it will NOT give you long-term relief most likely or a cure to your mental illness.

If a doctor or therapist is telling you that or giving you that impression they are being deceitful. If they say it is ‘safe and effective’ and won’t cause harm they are lying. Chances are high you will suffer long-term adverse affects, possibly debillitating ones.

You can educate yourself about the risk to your health you are considering taking by reading what an honest, ethical psychiatrist has to say – that is the factual truth about this brain damaging unecessary medical procedure – by clicking here: The Dangers of Electroconvulsive Therapy.

ECT Never Solves or Treats the Underlying Medical or Psychological Problem Click To Tweet

If you are feeling suicidal or having thoughts of hurting yourself it is a symptom of the distress you are feeling and not your fault. Tell someone who you trust or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline free 24 hour help number: 1-800-273-8255.

Desperation is What Forces Sufferers to Consider Getting ECT

And what brought you to this point? ECT is not the first line of treatment so what is going on is that you have most likely been on psychotropic medications and had a worsening of symptoms (but your doctor won’t share that information with you even though they most likely know that is what unfortunately happened).

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So brain damaging drugs didn’t help now they want to damage your brain more directly and severely with ECT – and profit grandly in the process, get many forms of payback for participating in the administration of the procedure or for recommending it to their patients. Don’t be naive to think otherwise.

Tell your unethical physician to go f’ themselves and do ANYTHING you can to get alternative forms of care. Nicely of course, while walking out the door with your brain and physical health still under your control.

If Have to Pay for ECT Treatments You Can Afford It Most Likely

But I can’t afford it is probably your first thought.

Most persons suffering from a severe state of mental distress who are also probably at the point where they have had a job loss or other losses and of course are at the end of what they feel they can humanly tolerate.

I understand. I’ve been in those exact same shoes on more than one occasion.

And when in that state of unwellness just thinking of having to manage a task such as making a temporary change to travel to a new location to experience something different that may help you to feel better can seem unsurmountable.

In most cases ECT Treatments are not free either, so use those funds on other desperate measures. ECT is a desperate measure – that should be banned so the medical community is forced to come up with safer and more effective treatments.

Have someone help you. Rent your house out for a few months and escape that dreadful weather that has increased your physical state of unwellness to where it is unbearable. There are always alternate solutions.

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You Can Do It – Refuse Electroconvulsive Therapy

You can do it. If you are capable of agreeing to ECT you are capable of making other choices.

And thank god for that, and that you are not institutionalized and being forced or coerced into having the massive profit-generating treatment of ECT and your brain potentially irreversibly damaged for life.

Inexpensive Healing Places in the U.S.

These are a few suggestions as mental distress always has physical origins of some type. You know loud and clear what you were doing did not work – so try something new.

Many who are suffering severe depression have co-existing medical conditions or are reacting to things in their environment. I’m not talking about your overly-demanding toddler or teenager or unhealthy relationship but physical things that may be causing physical distress leading to a serious depressive episode that is obviously not responding to treatment.

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Try something new. What do you need? How about de-stressing (and detoxing) in a peaceful natural environment? Why not try it?

I recently spent a day immersed in the natural hot springs at Tecopa Hot Springs in California. It was nice – and cheap. It is only $7 for 24 hour use of tubs and you can camp for $220 for a month – add $60 to that price to have electricity at your site. Go with a partner or friend and the cost is half.

There is free WiFi on the premises, or you can pay for high-speed Internet at your campsite for an additional $100 for the month. Now during winter is typical desert weather (very cold at night, sunny during the day) and scenery – lots of solitude if you need that and is safe for women.

The town of Pahrump, Nevada with a Walmart to stock up on supplies, many restaurants and cheap gas ($1.97 per gallon for regular unleaded) is just a 45 minute drive away. And a nice, peaceful scenic drive at that.

Here is an article to get you motivated: Best Hot Springs in America

There are many places you can go. Fly to Mexico and get a dose of culture shock plus some great food and time at the beach or visiting Mayan ruins. It will be more fun even if you get sick (flu, food poisoning) and hate it – than inducing seizures in your brain and suffering the effects of the treatments.

If you are considering ECT and not currently hospitalized you are capable of making alternate choices for your self, soul and viable future. Email me and I will help you think of options if you need some ideas or need some support and encouragement.

Photograph is from this Wikipedia page and is of an electroconvulsive therapy machine on display at Glenside Museum in Bristol, England.



  1. nora said:

    Your idiotic story and my beautiful response are still up and will remain up on my Facebook page for all to see. I may even tweet it to my 8000 followers, so they can see how stupid you are too. hahaha

    April 30, 2016
    • Molly said:

      Hey Nora, I am not sure what exactly you are referring to. I know I wrote something that was way too harsh when your partner (is that correct, sorry if not, I do not know you at all…) Wendy that I have had a connection to and think is a very awesome gal wrote about ‘wanting to find someone to do ECT the “right way” – or something like that…

      But anyway, I am not sure what you are referring to as “my beautiful response” – honestly. Will check your page but please cut and paste it here if you would like me to read it (not being sarcastic, really… postings get pushed down quickly when a page has a bunch of comments).

      And – the hostility you are displaying here is a bit sad, nothing I have written warrants it. But again, I honestly do not know you at all in any way. Hope you have some good vibes going on for your holidays – as you seem a bit off via the comment above.

      Sincerely, Molly

      May 12, 2016
    • Molly said:

      Just a quick add – that again, I am sorry I upset you. I need to direct my anger better and I am definitely angry at what is going on in the mental health field and the phony ‘bipolar spectrum’.

      If you fart (being sarcastic, not directing that at you!) you are bipolar these days and it is absolutely ridiculous… and primarily to make more money drugging folks. With very dangerous medications that can cause many mood issues (hypomania, worsening of depression).

      I don’t mind that you vented – sorry again for upsetting you. But I will be writing (just not commenting on your page so don’t worry!) much more and try to get more clarity out for folks who are trying to understand this issue.

      We – you, Wendy, others who have died from this illness, are incarcerated, etc. – have to live with BP. BP-2 and the ‘spectrum’ diagnoses are illnesses that someone has to struggle with – but are NOT bipolar.

      Depression is NOT bipolar.A little hypomania (often from illegal or prescribed drugs… maybe stress, maybe the person is having to work two jobs to feed their kids and not gettting any decent sleep, etc.) does not indicate Manic Depressive illness.

      So much writing about ‘bipolar depression’ and it is bs. Complete bullshit. Depression is depression, making it seem more special to those who suffer from severe forms by putting the marketing term ‘bipolar’ in front of it doesn’t change it from what it is. Though it did give psychiatrists reasons to get to prescribe more drugs to more folks. Sickening what is going on. People – and children – are literally being drugged to death.

      It needs to stop. I want better understanding of mood issues (factors that can cause episodes, make a person seek treatment, etc.) for everyone.

      And I want those who are not bipolar and do not have to live with this horrific medical condition to stop saying they are which confuses many and leads to much mis-information out to the public on the condition.

      It also takes away from research and better treatment options and understanding of severe depression, other illnesses like BPD, etc.

      BPD is not bipolar. Life is hard. People fart. I’ll stop now but I will not stop writing and contributing to the discussion.

      And I hope you understand it is because I want all of us who DO live with this mother f’ing of an illness like Wendy and I do (don’t know you sorry) and anyone else Manic Depressive to not every have to resort to some barbaric procedure like ECT.

      But have better treatment throughout the illness and better treatment options that are healing, not harmful.

      Best to you, Molly

      May 12, 2016

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