Stephen Fry’s Brain Is Normal, He Doesn’t Take Psych Meds


Stephen Fry’s brain is normal. He doesn’t take psych meds. Yes, there is a connection there. If he did take psychotropic medications for his mood disorder the brain scan would most likely show brain damage.

Then, of course, he’d be told that it was “from his mental illness“. Related post: There Are No Abnormalities in a Mentally Ill Person’s Brain.

Stephen Fry's Brain Is Normal, He Doesn't Take Psych Meds
A Screenshot of Stephen Fry from the YouTube Version of the Excellent Film “The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive”. Click to Watch For Free.

In the excellent documentary film “The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive” he shares his experience having a mental breakdown as an adult and suffering from suicidal depression.

Thankfully instead of successfully ending his life, he was hospitalized and successfully treated.

It was during this hospitalization he shares that he was given one of the new bipolar spectrum ‘bipolar lite’ diagnoses. I think he says ‘soft bipolar‘ in the film. And he shares that he does not take psychotropic medications.

During the film he also talks about being grateful (something like that) that he was not drugged as a child, that it most likely would have affected his functioning and he most likely would not have had the opportunities he has had.

Diagnosing a Child Bipolar Only Makes Their Life More Difficult. Children Have Died From Psych Meds. Click To Tweet

The successful life he has been fortunate to have lived and is living. To get to use his talent and genius to entertain millions, myself included. Who doesn’t love Stephen Fry? My guess is next to no one.

To me he has the same appeal as the now deceased Robin Williams. Brilliant, hard-working with a heart of gold.

But we can also ask when he would have been given ECT. Would he have successfully committed suicide at some point like so many kids do who have been put on these drugs?

Those are things Stephen Fry should be publically talking about too. Not just glamorizing himself and a psychiatric label. Not using it to account for all experiences of his life that may not have been hunky dory.

It’s ridiculous when you really think about it. But makes for great drama. Who doesn’t love drama?

There’s no such thing as an identifiable chemical imbalance in a kid or adults brain. But there is such a thing as life, hardship, suffering. Illness. Eventual death.

He Supports The Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder In Children

Stephen Fry is an advocate for the diagnosing of bipolar in children. And guess what the main purpose of that is? To then drug the child.

He talks about his childhood in the film and relates many of the ‘undesirable’ parts to his bipolar diagnosis. He believes he was a bipolar kid and that caused him to steal, feel rage, etc.

It works great as an excuse for maybe a difficult childhood or from having suffered from adverse circumstances. What about actual abuse? Was he emotionally neglected (he attended a boarding school)?

Highly-gifted and just frustrated with life in general? Angry he wasn’t being acknowledged and supported?

Was he ever physically or sexually abused? That would cause rage. Don’t you think?

He is a gay man. They call them ‘puffs’ in England – that cracks me up. Would those issues and having to come to terms with it as a child and in adolescence be a part of what caused his struggles and deviant behavior?

But it’s so much easier to blame it on a fantasy childhood illness and diagnosis – isn’t it? Cleaner, makes everyone feel better.

Rage in Children Is Not Bipolar Disorder

One thing that he relates to this ‘childhood bipolar’ nonsense is feelings of rage. Lots of kids experience feelings of rage – many of them are being abused.

That’s not bipolar disorder. That’s a healthy, normal reaction to difficult circumstances.

What about kids that are living in poverty and not getting adequate nutrition?

Many of these kids are highly sensitive. Many may have very real physical illness issues. But so much easier to say they are ‘bipolar’ and make some cash off drugging them.

Much harder to have to search for the cause of their physical-emotional-mental distress. To actually help them. To change their diet. Move them out of a school system that is causing them to rebel.

To take the time to talk to them, find activities they can participate in. Things to help them feel good and develop their unique talents and gifts. Like Stephen Fry was able to.

Why bother when we can use the fantasy they have ‘childhood bipolar’ to account for everything?

I Don’t Think Stephen Fry Understands The Reality of Psychotropic Medications

There are kids interviewed in the film and one of them gets angry, sent home to then be pharmacuetically lobotomized by his mother.

They show the multiple drugs her kids take. Then she talks about them crashing, sleeping the whole afternoon or something like that.

Jesus F’ing C. What the hell do you think these medications are doing to these children?

Is the film crew now going to follow these two victimized boys for the next 5-10 years? Is Stephen Fry?

When one of the kids drops dead with sudden caridac arrest will they do a follow-up program about the reality of these medications? And possibly help Stephen to understand the reality of these medications and the harm they cause?

He’s glad he wasn’t drugged as a kid. I am too. I’m glad I wasn’t and that Stephen Fry wasn’t. So why does he support the drugging of other children? He needs to educate himself.

He is advocating for harm, however good intentioned he thinks he is being.

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis in Kids Only Makes Their Life Circumstances More Difficult

Here’s some info Stephen Fry needs to read, learn and understand i.e. the thousands of children who have been murdered by psychiatric medications: PAPA – Amazing Parents Fighting for All of Our Kids.

Up to 19,000 children dead from psychiatric medications and it goes unreported and unacknowledged by the medical community. Hidden from public scrutiny to avoid having to take responsibility. Avoid legal repurcussions.

And Stephen Fry wants to support the drugging of more kids. Really?

I think he just is clueless to the reality of these medications. And once they get that label – what the whole purpose of labeling them is actually about – they will be drugged.

Stephen has been taken for a ride on the new ‘bipolar spectrum’ train that is now accounting for just about every unwanted mood and behavior on the planet. And maybe thinks he is performing some public service marketing childhood bipolar for Big Pharma.

He’s not. It needs to stop. He’s a beautiful human being who just does not understand the science or the damage these meds cause. Not to mention stigmitizing these children for life. Ruining many of the opportunities they may have been given.

And he clearly doesn’t understand the multitude of other interventions that could be taken that might actually help these kids. Because if he did, I believe that is what he would be advocating for.



  1. Mark said:

    It’s because Stephen fry is president
    of mind org, which I heard was brought
    Out by psychiatry, he must be advocating out of pure greed

    September 10, 2017
    • Molly said:

      Hi Mark, thanks for the comment. He definitely has made a lot of money – and is primarily advocating for more bipolar diagnoses, especially in children, which is sickening. I can’t speak to motives, I honestly think he just is ignorant to most of the reality of both mental illness and psychotropic medications.

      He’s bought into the lies, another way to put it, and has no real reason to think himself out of it or take a critical stance. He had a period of illness, received care and got to continue on with his life – that is excellent. He clearly has zero understanding of the damage that psych meds do, the reality of the non-existent chemical imbalance and the fact psychiatry as a whole are Big Pharma spokespersons/puppets.

      He is clueless to the deception in medical research (back to chemical imbalance lie and effectiveness of psychotropic medications that supposedly treat this), the effectiveness of non-harmful treatments for many forms of mental-physical-emotional distress (much evidence for micronutrients, diet changes, thyroid treatment, etc.) and that abuse issues (incest, emotional or physical abuse) are not solved with a drug.

      I particularly take offense when those who are primarily suffering from severe depression, get a BP-2 diagnosis eventually (most because the drugs make them worse, cause increase in mood instability and severity of mood issues) then become ‘bipolar advoacates’ and try to account for everything that may have not been perfect in their past/childhood was because they are bipolar.

      Complete absolute crap and ignorance.

      And like Stephen Fry’s advocacy – leads to many children being victimized, some losing their lives to treatment they never needed in the first place.

      These folks like to use the term bipolar as synonymous with Manic Depression – when they do not even have the illness. Major Depressive Disorder is NOT Manic Depression. A horrible illness, yes, both are. But different.

      Bipolar disorder – the term and the ‘bipolar spectrum’ was created to be able to sell a new class of antipsychotic medications, to be able to give these meds to those who had severe depression and useless psychiatry was useless in helping because they were giving them meds that were making them worse i.e. antidepressants.

      Rather than deal with that reality, these unecthical physicians just started handing-out more meds and made folks sicker. Then use folks like Stephen Fry to advertise what they were/are doing as somehow ok.

      September 10, 2017
  2. Laurie said:

    I have bipolar disorder, as well as PTSD, anxiety, and major depressive disorder.

    MEDICATION SAVED MY LIFE. What you are putting out here is dangerous. Science has, in fact, shown that our brains ARE different from those who don’t suffer. I don’t know where you got your ‘data’ (of which I see none). You offer no scientific evidence to support NOT medicating those suffering. And how dare you tell those of us with such disorders that they ‘do not exist’.

    Disgusting. Get a clue, walk a mile in the shoes of those who suffer, do some f&&ing research, and then maybe, just maybe, people like you won’t add to the stigma of mental illness.

    May 30, 2017
    • Molly said:

      Great Laurie that medications have helped you – they helped me as well when I was severely manic. And they have harmed many, including myself. I’ve never said no one should never take a psychiatric medication. NEVER ever on this blog. But they are being overused and many have illness issues that can be HELPED and to heal.

      I have TON of info on this blog and scientific evidence for many treatments that can help someone. Please read more before accusing me of doing something I am not. This blog, my advoacy is about HELPING someone heal and NOT suffer – to understand mood imbalance issues. And to understand there are many medical causes – and treatments outside of brain damaging, addictive psych meds that can help them.

      A ton of info on this blog – I hope some of it may help you.

      I am Manic Depressive Laurie – not some ‘bipolar spectrum’ lite diganosis nor someone given a ‘BP-2’ label after suffering depression. I do have a clue, thank you. And have suffered much, if you want to compare notes, just send me an email. Anytime. Or read my book.

      Children are dead from psych meds – you are simply looking at the situation from your personal experience, and clearly do not understand the big picture, or the multitude of things that create mood disturbance and the multitude of things – MEDICAL interventions – that can help. A child, adolescent or adult.

      Have you had ECT yet? Do you also support that. These medications damage the brain – no, you do not have any ‘identifiable imbalance’ some smart scientist has identified and now treating. That’s an “Urban Legend” as one top psychiatrist Ronald Pies, M.D. is quoted as sayin – the one who created the ‘bipolar spectrum’ to give antipsychotic meds to depressed folks.

      Even though it makes most worse. If you want to understand that issue, read here:

      This WHOLE BLOG is about scientific support of alternatives to psychiatric medications. And the misunderstanding and manipulation of many to believe they – or there child – has some ‘genetic brain chemical imbalance’ they were born with. It’s a lie. Someone may have a genetic predisposition to Manic Depression, yes, but that isn’t proof of any ‘chemical imbalance’ – that theory is false.

      Depression has been proven to not be a genetically-based illness. Many, many causes of depression. And no – BP-2/cyclothymic/severe depression – is not the same as Manic Depression. That’s just the facts, though many are led to believe they have an illness and ‘imbalance’ they really don’t. And given meds that make them worse.

      If you want to understand better like I have, and share what I’ve learned, this is another good post with ‘scientific backing’ of how there is no ‘chemical imbalance’ antidepressants are treating. And that when someone initially feels improvement, it is from a placebo effect.

      You might find it interesting:

      Take care, I hope you find ways to live the best life you can, whether you take psychiatric medications or not.

      May 30, 2017

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