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I have lived with BP-1 since I had my first manic episode at the age of 19 in college.

I was completing finals that spring of my Freshman Year in 1984 and instead of finishing one of the last scheduled tests and flying home for summer I ended up going bonkers; flying out of control and was transported to a mental hospital.

I stayed for only one night, but that event changed the course of my life forever.

Mine is a more common story than I realized at the time. I now know that my age of onset of illness was very typical for Manic Depressive illness – now called Bipolar 1 Disorder. And I also know there are many sufferers with similar stories.

I created this blog to write about bipolar as well as share my personal experiences living with the illness. I research many topics of interest and make complicated subject matter seem simple.

If you want to understand bipolar disorder better, this is the place for you.

I am learning as I go as well. There are incredible advances being made that are helping to turn the tide from the overdiagnosing prompted by the Bipolar Spectum (created in 1994) to actual research on root causes of both mania and depression and new treatment modalities beyond harmful psychotropic medications.

Probiotics, inflammatory markers, salmon oil… have you ever heard of Turmeric?

I write about all of it – and feel very foturnate to be doing so. I’ve survived 31 years of this illness, and when very ill when younger – in my 20s – I had some of these alternative treatments.

The fact they got shoved under the rug these past years by Big Pharma control of psychiatry and physicians unwilling to stand up against these powerful drug companies and corporate interests is an immeasurable tragedy.

My memoir has detailed information on “Ten Alternative Treatments That Will Help You Thrive” in addition to my full story. The manic episode I had at age 19 was just the beginning of a lifelong struggle living with BP-1. The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle book or paperback.

Thank you for being here and I hope you find this information useful. The end goal? Better understanding of and treatment options for all mood disorders.

Cheers, Molly

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